• Ignore Athiest. There is a condition known as Palmer Hyperhidrosis, which causes excessive sweating hands. If it bothers you that much and embarrasses you, see a doctor, as there is medication for it.
  • If regular antiperspirant works for you, you can put it on your palms. (For some people w/ hydrosis regular antiperspirant isn't strong enough)
  • Hi Just Normal I used to have really sweaty hands too. There are a few things that you can try like hydrosal, secure wipes etc. These are good but they are VERY expensive because you need to always use them and they are like $80/week I found a guide on this guide walks you through how to setup an Ionto machine in your home for like $20 (comparing to $3000) when you buy one. I used mine and in 3 days my hands had stopped sweating. I highly recommend this to you and to anyone that is struggling with sweating hands!
  • There is a condition called Hyperhydrosis. You might want to look into it and you can get surgery on it. Ask your Dr to refer you to a Neurosurgeon. I know a friend who got that surgery.

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