• Most say Italian, like my mum, sister etc. However, for me it would be either American, Russian, Spanish or Romanian. ANd I have to say, some of our British guys aren't half bad!
    • Bootsiebaby
      I have always noticed Italy's resemblance to a high-heeled boot. I wonder how many Italian men have a thing about women's boots? Lol:)
  • Regarding men, lets reason on this for a moment. Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise, and David Hasselhoff were all born in America. As any frequent visitor to Answerbag knows, they have to be the most attractive men on the planet, right? Therefore, the obvious conclusion is that the nationality of men that women find most attractive must be American. (disclaimer: Do not rate me down here people - I am only joking)
    • Sue Scarcella
      But what about Hugh Jackman, Chris and Liam Hemsworth, Joel Edgerton, Sam Worthington, Simon Baker, Eric Bana, Alex O'Loughlin....all Aussies in American FIlm and Television and all loved by American must be Australian. LOLOLOL
  • I like Australians and Americans. I'm not saying I don't like guys from other places though.
  • For me, it is Indian...hands down... I'm not Indian... The Hindu part (most Indian men are Hindu) helps a lot. Obviously, I am not going to be happy with a Christian or Muslim (or vice-versa). They'd be constantly trying to save my heathen soul, and also constantly and sincerely worrying that I'm going to burn in Hell forevermore. It really wouldn't be fair to either of us. Also note that it asks which nationality I find most attractive, so I answered. Nationality is not, in fact, very high on my list of traits that determine attractiveness. Personality, attitude, intelligence, respectfulness...THOSE are way, way higher.
  • I don't know about women in general, but I know my wife is a sucker for a man with an accent. Any accent. I came to the conclusion a long time ago, that all women over the age of 50 find ME most attractive. It seems like I have been propositioned or flirted with by just about every woman I meet over the age of 50, since I was in my twenties. It used to be a bit embarassing when a girlfriend's mother would flirt with me when I was younger - sometimes right in front of their daughter! Go figure!
  • I think if we're talking generally then definatly NOT America, they're mostly obese. Probably somewhere in Europe they have good diets and the good weather. Nice healthy looking men.
  • Its not something I really consider as a factor in attractiveness to be honest! I do find eastern European accents quite sexy though.
  • I don't think it has anything to do with nationality. I think they may be partial to Scots and Spaniards. (thats what my wife tells me).
  • I hope that its my nationality (aka. Canadian).... and Ladies if you havent met a Canadian .... think of it as an American with more layers of clothes on LOL:)
  • I would have to say Swedish women they are gorgeous. Though in England there are alot of nice women but it depends in what area you goto.
  • It's all about "heart", not nationality. Heart, soul, personality etc. He can be the biggest "hunk" of any nationality, but if he is heartless, what's he worth?
  • sorry guys but come on now! it has to be the irish lol
  • irish irish irish
    • Sue Scarcella
      Yep. I took part in a fake hostage situation years ago. THough it was terrifying, I couldn't help noticing that one of the terrorists was Irish.
  • I personally like the german nationality. lol. with the blonde hair and blue eyes stereotype. lol. but i'll go for any guy with broad shoulders and in relatively good shape.
  • GREEK!!! GREEK!!
  • I dont know if I prefer a certain nationality; I've really only dated men of Italian backgrounds, not really because I prefer that nationality, but thats just where their ancestors happened to be from. I can tell you what kind of guy I dont like, is a backstreetboy look a like kind of guy, no originality there. The guy has to be unique.
  • I like the tall dark and handsome. My htb is one of the darkest DOMINICAN men I have ever seen. The dark skin is a turn on....I'm not sure why. AND YES I am a small white chica ;^)
  • Seriusly. i like all different kinds of nationalitys. i cant just pick one.
  • Argentina babes
  • TURKISH TURKISH! Turkish boys are the hottest. Well, ummm, actually, I think Easterns European looking boys are hot!
  • Well America must have the edge because it is a mix of every nationality usually improved because of better vitamins and diet over the last few generations. I am not talking about the junk food freaks obviously
  • I love my full blooded Irish boyfriend...he drives me crazy :) They are sexy and attractive and just great
  • italian and irish and some yugoslavian chiks there all
  • I think both men and women from any kind of Spanish speaking background are the hottest. Latin America, Spain, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic. I love their jet black hair, olive complexions and big brown eyes.
  • Anyone tanned with a nice adopted english accent, eg spaniards
  • chinese lol jk
  • I think women find Italian men attractive. Native Italian men with the accent. They generally are smooth talkers, and have the dark hair and dark eyes.
  • So nationality still matters?
  • I love English men,Canadian too, and european men the most..italians,argentinians,very attractive but my personal favourite would be English after that Canadian,i just like their accents and the way they are built.
  • Indian men are very, very attractive--coming from a blue eyed, blonde.
  • Indians ARE hott! There dark skin,intelligence and accents is super great! So are Italians, Cubans, Spanish, etc. I think being American-there is a cross-cultural turn-on for someone who is "different" and darker) than u are. ;0)
  • Wow, I love men. This is a hard one to answer. Let me think about this for a moment. . My personal #1 answer (without giving it any thought at all): French men. I'm crazy for them. Love the accent. I grew up in a French community just outside of Quebec (in Maine, USA), so I just grew up around a lot of men who had a French accent. This was the Quebec French men though. Than one day I met a French guy who was from France and not Quebec, CA, and WOW what a difference! I was just flipping head over heals over this guy's accent. I know, maybe it's weird to go crazy for a guy just because of his voice, but yeah, that's me. It was more than just his voice though, his whole mannerism and attitude towards everything was so . . . I don't know . . . different. The guy had like, manners and elegance and treated me (and other women) like we were queens and princesses. This guy was a real gentleman as opposed to the lazy, slobby guys you normally meet in America. I was just like: "Wow, this is a REAL man, what have I been missing all my life?". Are all men in France like him? No idea. All I can say is he left a lasting impression on my that made me prefer French men ever since. Of course it helped that this guy had these amazing dark eyes and a constant smile for everyone and long curly dark hair, and uhm... here's a biggie with me: this guy wore lipstick, eyeshadow and eye liner (no he was not gay, either). I don't know what it is about guys in eyeliner, but I tend to prefer them over all others. Is that weird of me? . #2, Without a doubt is Native American men. OMG! These guys are gorgeous! I've known several, (Navajo, Cherokee, and Kickapoo) and they all had such beautiful "glowing" skin and deep dark eyes, and long glossy black hair, and a smooth voiced way of talking. I loved their deep respect of nature and animals and their "oneness" with the world around them. I loved these guys (and seriously considering marrying one of them at one point.) (Of course it helps to that I am myself a dark eyed dark hair Native American, though my skin is palest ash white.) . #3 Papua New Guinea men. Again, have known a few and thus was influenced by them. I love their attitude towards everything, they just always seem to be happy about absolutely everything in life, nothing fazes them (or at least the guys I knew). And I know this is probably wrong and vain, but I love their really exotic super-dark skin which just reminds me of extra-dark chocolate (which I love). I just look at these guys and go: "Wow are they beautiful!" . #4 Men from Egyptian, Lebanese or similar descent. Never known any personally, but have "known of" a few whom I was quite impressed by. And again (I know this is a vanity thing, but whatever) appearances do wonders with me, and I love their golden skin and dark eyes and dark curly hair, and the way they just always have these big warm happy smiles that accent their cheekbones, and this is odd, because on most men, I do not like beards, but on them, beards look great! . #5 Japanese men and pretty long haired Bishie Boys. OMG! I love Japanese men. They are, just beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Like a gift from the gods or somethings. Again, knew a few Japanese guys in person, so, just went flipping nutty over every Japanese guy I see ever since. . I am seeing a trend here: golden skin, dark hair, or frizzy curly hair seem to be a big attraction thing for me where appearances are concerned, and a warm friendly attitude with a ready smile and a happy outlook go over real big with me regardless of looks. . Yeah, like I said, I just love men, love looking at men, love going "Wow what a great looking guy!", so, you know, maybe "all nationalities" would be a good answer for me. yeah, something like that. :)
  • This is all about stereotypes. Most women I know (including my wife!) go for the mediterranean types with the slightly darker skin, dark hair, and (again, according to my wife) 'sexy accent'. Americans are generally thought of as being overweight and overbearing, Australians coarse, but the Irish as cute and cuddly. As I'm not any of these (boring English, I'm afraid), I really don't know how she ended up with me!
  • South African. South Africa is the most dangerous country in the world, and as result, the men are all tough....and hott!!!
  • i think cuban men are pretty hot. lotta chicks i know agree.
  • Whatever nationality pay the most attention to me. So - American, but also French, Spanish, Greek.
  • Hmm! Italian lovers like me!
    • Bootsiebaby
      I have always noticed Italy's resemblance to a high-heeled boot. I wonder how many Italian men have a thing about women's boots? Lol:)
  • Europeans, such as italian, french, spain, etc.
  • Nationality is not important. It is how he treats me and how he treats my son that really matters.
  • Danish, Moroccan and Icelandic......
  • 1-16-2017 Italy is famous for American women abandoning their tours to tour Italian beds instead.
  • Race mixing deteriorates the soul, and causes many health problems. If one loves their race, they would want to preserve it and make sure it will still be there generations down the line. Programs like Christianity and other monotheistic religions keep people spiritually deprived and the power in the hands of those at the top. Learn the TRUTH: www (dot) joyofsatan (dot) org
  • I think this all depends on nationality. Some people from different countries prefer people from other nationalities.

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