• Sadly, we worked real hard this week at our jobs, now we have to work real hard on our home. Once chores are done and everything is in order, we can rest. I say we order delivery and hang out around the house. If we go anywhere, it should be to a book store so we can spend an hour or two looking for books and then to a movie.
  • I don't put any demands on you. We take things as they come. I do some laundry, you work on the Tivo and then I disappear for a few hours to go to the thrift store, market, library and let you do your own thing which could be anything from being on AB or enjoying The Sims to doing a little digging in the patch of dirt outside the back door. Sometimes I give you some marinated chicken thighs to grill and other times I just give you a plate of salad and a glass of iced tea. Since we don't have kids, we pretty much do our own thing on the weekends and enjoy it very much.
  • Well I don't know what you are going to do but I have some yard work to do, laundry can wait till Monday, I am taking the kids to Cincinati to a indoor aquarium and Kings are more then welcome to join in. But if you prefer to do something else, I will see you on laundry day:)
  • Since we both work outside our home, on Saturday morning we lay in bed and talk and enjoy each other. Then we both do our chores around the house, we have already made a list and all the chores are shared. This includes outside work........till I get the water hose and let you have it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):)I throw the hose and now it's my turn, we laugh like crazy, then get our work all done. Finally our time! We take our showers and go to the store, grab a movie some microwave popcorn and ice cream and fruit. We go home and lay on the couch with your arms around me and watch the movie half way thru till we fall asleep! To some it might seem boring, but when your in love, it's heaven.:):)
  • I'm currently dating a triathlete freak. So, come Saturday morning she's off on a 3 hour bike ride and I'm off to the markets to do our weekly food shop and make some lunch and do the laundry. She'd be home around lunch time for a feed and a sleep. Then we'd get some time to socialise before popping out for some dinner with friends. Sunday morning she's off on another 3 hour bike ride and I might go find some tricky singletrack stuff to ride the mountain bike on...
  • we both work as hard as the other, we both work together as a team and do the chores together and it also takes less time with 2 . then go for a stroll in a lovley place,maybe sit and paint/draw.roll round in the grass,have a romantic picnic. maybe have a nice meal out or in with some wine.cuddles and chats. thats what relaxs me and i am sure a massage would relax you along with all the above too!
  • If I am your partner no matter how hard I have worked or how tired I am I will cater to your every need. That justme :)
  • yeah like babe get out of bed..the choppers picking us up in an hour and we're going to Fraser. The rest of the gang are meeting us over there with the 4bs then they're coming to our place for a bbq lunch. They should be gone by about 2 so we'll get to chill out before we go out for our super special candlelit dinner. . Tomorrow..we could just laze around the beach, maybe have a swim, go for walk, take some pics, just do whatever we feel like doing huh? Oh and I rang the guys and fixed it so we get to stay an extra am i good or what..*kiss kiss* get outa bed !!
  • We worked hard all week? Then we deserve some fun. You can always hire someone to do the chores. (a win/win situation, if you ask me) If the weather permits...the beach (of course). Otherwise...dancing or have a party. If we had a really hard week...chocolate massages at a spa. This is what I do anyway.

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