• Not through very informative or non-biased people or ways.
  • Not very well at times, although the statistics tell us that the incidence of teenage pregnancies are going down. I wish that all schools could give out neutral and informative sex educational information. Considering that 72% of people who swear abstinence until marriage break that vow,* I have no idea why some people continue to promote this as the primary method of sex education in any way. * according to recent studies
  • theyre practicing apparently
  • Media outlets
  • practice... until you are really good at it you better get suited up!
  • hm.. I've always, more or less, known what sex was. When I was 4 or so, I said something along the lines of "Martin screws all the girls" (something all the boys in the kindergarden had been saying that day) to my mom, who responded with "it's called 'making love', and that's what your dad and I do". Really, sex has never been a taboo in my home, and I think that's important, because today I feel I have a pretty relaxed and casual oppinion about sex
  • My best friend had a child at 16, simply from her mother and father never being around. I think a lot of it is bad parenting. You can't block the media from affecting your kids, or tell them they simply can't have sex, but you can atleast teach them to protect themselves, and get your daughters on birth control. But too many parents are close minded and just want them to not do it at all..but you can't make that decision for them now can you?
  • There are elementary sessions for boys and girls seperately in our NE schools. Our 10 year old grand son was not impressed. He doesn't like girls yet at his age. Jr. High and High school also have some sex ed but condoms are not taught unless by the school nurse. It is not a good situation because parents are saying they want to do the education, it is not the school's responsibility. Then they either teach abstinance or nothing at all.
  • they go to school. it's impossible to escape the pervertedness there. that's also where they learn dirty jokes, cuss words, and anything else rather disturbing.
  • Not very well, too many teenage pregnancies.
  • Well I can't talk about other children but my son learned from me. I taught him everything age appropriately from the age of about two. He knew he could come and ask me anything and I would explain it to him. I also used some great books from the library, especially when he was younger.
  • Condoms are being taught. I still have friends in high school. I don't know where you guys get your information, but even when I was in highschool a few years ago they taught us to use condoms, and birth control.
  • School, friends and parents and TV / movies.
  • other children, tv, the interweb (namely the google. "i like to look at my ranch on the google"), school, dirty teenagers, overhearing their parents going at it, pretty much anywhere you look
  • In the US, over 66% of all high school seniors are or have been sexually active in boyfriend/girlfriend relationships. It is obvious by the questions posted on AB that there is a near total absence of sexuality education. Most teenagers are learning by the trial-and-error method and there just has to be a better way. Parents teaching comprehensive sex education ??? Get real...

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