• I'm always trying to learn more about language. Communication is one of the most important parts of human activity. I can speak fairly well in English and German. I'm also able to carry on a conversation in Slovene and Russian. I know some Croatian, a little Bosnian, some French, a little Spanish, a tiny bit of Portuguese, small tidbits of Latin and ancient Greek, a little tiny bit of Arabic, some Dutch, a little tiny bit of Albanian, a bit of Italian, a few words in Sanskrit, a couple phrases of Korean, a tiny bit of Japanese, a little Hindi, a bit of Old English, etc. I can usually figure out phrases in other languages if I can focus on them for a minute - for example, a lot of the slavic languages came from old church slavonic, and knowing a bunch of them, I can often times figure out what someone is talking about based on cognates. But as far as being able to go up to someone and have them understand me, I'm usually only freely understood in my four main languages. Otherwise, I usually have to do a little rewording and gesturing to support my ideas.

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