• What other kind of model is there, a hand model, a hair model for like shampoo commercials lol. I guess a talent agency would be a place to start
  • You mean a hand model like George Castanza? Whatever, find a reputable agent.
  • Take some nude photos of yourself, put them on a poster with your phone number and the byline 'Looking for some quick money' and spread copies all over town. It's how I met my exwife.
  • You need to submit photos to various magazines. Enter contests. It's seedy as hell. They'll want you to take your top off right away. Just be careful with whoever takes your photos. Xing wanted to enter a Hawaiian Tropics contest that they were having looking for local girls around the country. They were coming to bars promoting it. She's tall. 5'9"ish. She has virtually no fat whatsoever. A decent C-cup, and an ass like a sistah! LOL. I said, I didn't want her doing it. She asked why. I said because you have to be 21, to even get into the bar. That passified her, for now. What do I do next year? She's not afraid to throw MY past in my face either. She said, How many girls have seen your meat? I say, thanks to you and that damn Blackberry, all of your friends. LOL... See what I'm dealin' with here?
  • Have a photographer take some face and body shots (professional only) for a portfolio. Then take them to an agency. You live in Southern California, so it shouldn't be that difficult.
  • First of all, you need a portfolio with photos of you taken by a professional photographer. I wouldn't go nude (maybe tastefully semi-nude but not completely), Sara or you will not be taken seriously and be careful what you have on websites, in case they do a background search. Then I would go to various modeling agencies or send photos of yourself to various modeling agencies all over USA - don't limit yourself to just one State. I think the most important thing for you to focus on is your attitude and personality. Make sure you are confident and mentally strong. Good luck :).
  • Babychild - uh, hate to be the voice of doom, but haven't you left it a bit late? I mean, you're going to be competing against weeteens, and yeh, you're in great shape and you've got the rack and all, but face it, girl, the age...? You're destined for the low road, and I mean LOW... ;-P - UNLESS! you're snapped up to be the new L'Oreal Face, of course! yeh...right... Still, if you're determined to do this, who am I to chuck the bucket - I mean, I would have too, if only... And I do wish you luck, honey - I'm just that horrible thing, a cynic! Prove me wrong, please! Crazy cow! lol... :-D
  • You don't have to totally eliminate fashion just because you're not tall and built like a 12 year old Chinese boy. Realistically you won't be doing couture fashion in Paris, but you don't want that anyways. There are pleanty of companies who prefer normal looking, but attractive, models. So I asked my friend how she got started, and here's how it went down. She was walking in a mall and some modeling agency was there, so she went over and asked what was going on (they were there for little kids). Anyways, they got to talking and they made an appointment for her with one of the talent people - or whatever they are called. So she went in to the modeling agency, they checked her out, agreed to take her on and took some photos of her and sent them out to people. Mind you, this was in North Florida and not Southern California, so she didn't have nearly the same competition that you will. I'm told that normally, you get professional photos taken and send them into a modeling agency - but you can just try calling them up and seeing what the dealio is.
  • There's always glamor and fetish, they have less demanding standards, not nudity is not mandatory.
  • Take some picks while Dressed in various outfits and also in a swimsuite then Find an Agent, They will take the new professional pics if they think your going to make it and distribute them to there contacts.
  • Talk to your friends and see if they know anyone that does modeling, take some pics of yourself dressed and in summer clothes and a swimsuite for your first appt with the agency, they will take new ones to help you get work.
  • I think you already did, right here with us!
  • well if you are near richmond va, and need a photographer, i know quite a few, besides myself.
  • Right OK, I'm stepping in here because every single answer here is pretty much useless as far as breaking into glamour modelling goes. First of all we'll deal with some misconceptions: - From the point of view of getting work and making money, the more clothes you are willing to shed the better. This is not me telling you that you have to do things you are uncomfortable with, this is just plain and simple industry fact. Models who are not tall enough for fashion and who will not pose nude, or at least topless generally get very few bookings. Don't do anything you know you will regret or that you couldn't tell your Mum about - but at the same time, don't kid yourself. The industry wants tits and ass and it wants them as bare as possible. That's just the way it is and you either do it or you decide that modelling isn't for you. you may pick up the odd job here and there, but it's unlikely it will ever be anything more than a hobby (nothing wrong with that if you enjoy having your photo taken of course!) -Never ever send amateur pics into a men's magazines. Yeh they may get published now and then, but you won't get paid as a result and you risk humiliation. Virtually no-one ever makes a career out of readers' wives or high street honeys. The major men's mags generally take on girls through agencies so that someone is accountable if they don't turn up or the pictures are rubbish. It costs a lot of money to do a photo shoot, and if they're going to commit to that they want someone they know for sure can deliver the goods. There's a bit more to it than standing around in your bikini - you need to be able to stand around bored and hungry and sucking in your stomach for hours whilst sucking on a lollipop and still manage to look insanely turned on when really you're just hoping you don't run out of money on the parking meter. - Glamour modelling is an art. Even adult/porn modelling is an art - not everyone can do it. Posing is a skill, projecting sex on film is a skill, interacting with photographers is a skill. even more - it's damn hard work, involves a lot of travelling and a lot of waiting around. It can be great fun, financially lucrative, and very rewarding. The best pictures make it all worthwhile - but it is exhausting and often boring. - Don't expect everything to be done for you. You will need your own collection of sexy lingerie and bikinis, you will need to learn to do your own hair and make-up to a high standard. At 80% of the shoots I've done I've had to do (and provide) my own make-up. I often also have to provide my own outfits. - Don't expect to be paid from the get-go. Most models start by paying a photographer to produce a portfolio for them, or if their lucky, a professional will invite them to do time for prints or a test shoot (where you "work" for nothing but both you and the photographer get to add the prints to your portfolio.) don't expect big bucks either - I ahve five years experience as a model and my going rate is currently around £25 an hour. If that lot didn't put you off and you'd like to test the waters as a freelance glamour or adult model I would suggest you look into uploading a portfolio onto one of the portfolio hosting websites. and are my favourites (model mayhem is more professional, purestorm is friendlier - nothing to stop you using both). You can upload some photographs here to start advertising yourself for work and to help you find photographers who can help you build a portfolio. at first snapshots are fine, but they need to be clear and good quality and not taken with a camera phone. You need to clearly show your face and figure (they don't need to be nude, but any clothes need to be fitted enough to show your shape). After a week or two's member ship, feeling around, reading the advice, chatting to other models and photographers, you need to look at getting a few professional shoots - this will help you to generate more work, to learn the craft, and to gather contacts and references (which are really important). It's a good idea to work with someone local, but try and pick either a professional (who you will probably have to pay around £100 for but it'll be money well spent) or a respected, well referenced amateur. There are a lot of guys setting themselves up as photographers just because they happen to own a camera, and will offer you Time For Prints shoots just in the hope of getting a pretty girl on camera in her knickers. Their pictures may look OK but be next to useless for portfolio purposes. Ask the other models for recommendations of photographers near you who work in a style appropriate to what you want to do. after you start building a freelance reputation, you may find you want to approach an agency (many are members of these sites) or to carry on as self-employed. Never approach men's magazines directly, it's a waste of time as all their models are sourced through agencies and existing contacts - these are the people you need to be approaching. Be careful, there are LOTS of scams, but the advantage of dipping your toes as a freelance is that you begin to learn more about who to avoid and who is genuine.
  • Find a modeling agent. If you are comfortable with it you might even send pictures of yourself to a magazine. I think you would do QUITE well in the modeling business. Although I would like to offer an opinion..... I have actually talked to other people that want to be models who were also short (I dunno how tall you are but they were under 5'4") and I just wanna say how ridiculous I think it is that you have to be above... I think it's 5'6" to be a fashion model. I think short women are more attractive!! They're cuddly like teddy bears.
  • Hi Sara: I had to jump in as my poor husband was at a loss with your question, he came running to ask for my help. I have read the answers you got the most direct and trustworthy is that of "Lady Fuschia" I totally agree with her and like she says be careful those things may be quite dangerous and demanding. Think it over, be sure it is what you want and what will make you happy. Make sure the required sacrifice is worth the extra cash you wish to obtain. Very best regards and take care. Moonwalker_II's wife
  • Usually people who are short for a modeling usually stick with Photography. That way they can always make you look the way they want you too. If you can hide the boobs will in normal clothing you should be able to get a good variety of work. with the boobs you could do maxim and stuff but you may have trouble finding more "classy" work if you can't hide them.
  • hi sara, babieeeeeeeee ... you're likely average height or better (y'know wear high heels to create a tall model appearance) ... i think your chances of being a fashion model are pretty good ... you definitely got "the look"... guys generally consider you hot ... and you are smart ... so take advantage of your God given assets and pursue your modeling dreams ^_^
  • A model what? A model scam artist could be any height.

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