• im not sure i understand ur question however i am kind of put back consitering u asked a question on cheating and my answer was a yes. so if u are calling people who answered that truthfully yes, a whore...please dont post anymore dumb ass questions to put us down!
  • Yep...and the guys, too. Some people will do anything for a buck. How can people be so willing to hurt loved ones for money?
  • I am glad that they don't get the prize, but I am sad for their loved ones. The mother who's heart we see broken, the husband/wife humiliated on national TV, the best friend stabbed in the back when they realize their friend is a shallow, two-faced, selfish asshole.
  • I'm glad they don't win the prize, but I feel sad for their loved ones. The mother who's heart we watch being broken, the spouse/s.o. humiliated on TV, and the best friend who finds out their "best friend" is a two-faced, selfish asshole.
  • I'm always upset when that show is on, no matter who doesn't get money.
  • ha ha. I can't believe these people that go on those shows. Man. Win or lose, makes no difference to me though.
  • i hate that show i think its absolutely terrible. during the questioning process, they pose the questions in a certain way to make the person being questioned nervous, which thus makes your heart beat faster and that may produce a false negative. i'm sure some of the people really are lying, but its still terrible to watch families being torn apart....
  • I'm more so always shocked that they seem so surprised they gave the wrong answer. I guess morality has sunk so low that telling the truth can actually be *that* difficult? That show baffles me. But yet, I watch. It's such a human train wreck.
  • I saw the one with the girl who was dating "Nick". You've got to be one sick twisted piece of work to tell your dirt for money. I'm glad she blew it at the end!
  • People usually get what they deserve.
  • Okay, I admit it, I do. When a person is doing their current partner dirty and is airing it on national t.v. they don't deserve anything but a swift kick in the arse.
  • I've never seen it and now you've got me interested. Must go download show.
  • I find it hard to accept these shows are real. I mean I have met many people in my life and not one I believe would wash their dirty laundry for the entire world to witness.
  • Oooops... double post. Sorry!

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