• So you can pull the waist in to meet yours... Thereby allowing your "girlish figure" to appear, even WITH coveralls. LOL
  • a good question! i am guessing if you like overalls then you like belts, and you probably like pockets too, why not give them anything else you can come up with!
  • For the work belts.
  • where else can Elly May and Jethro put there extra pieces of rope?
  • This is where you put your thumbs when chewin' on your big ol' piece o' straw!
  • 2-24-2017 Because without loops, your utility belt is all over your body, making it difficult to breathe when you are swinging on ropes and stuff, and possibly losing your Batarang and other needed implements. Besides that, you have to take your belt entirely off when you go to the Bat Room, so it's easy to lose.

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