• Yes. What really matters is that we get to our destinations safe and sound. Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam has lots of motorcycles! If they can do it, other cities can do it too. I took this pic during my trip there in April:
  • Nah, I think I'll just learn to fly. It's the best alternative there is:)
  • Beat you to it by years. We've got two motorbikes but I could use a new Shuberth helmet, full face, flip up:-) My husband rides one to work and can do the 30 miles to work and then back on about $20 worth of gas or less:-) At 45 mpg, it's sweet!!!
  • I saw a picture of a protest in Europe, and people were riding in little two passenger, three wheel cars. Why can't we have something sensible like that?
  • I have always wanted a motorcycle!!
  • I am still paying for both the motorcycle and the medical bills that came with it. Gas for the truck has to be cheaper than that. Yes, he still rides. Have to love that man.
  • bikes would save on parking space but i can carry a bigger bag on a train
  • I've got mine! 66mpg.
  • motorcycles are recreational vehicles. you cant drive them in the rain, and they suck if you have to go shopping. And you are much more vulnerable to injury if you crash on a motorcycle. Also they dont work in the snow. so buying one JUST to save gas seems very unrealistic
  • Jim used to own son, "second son" and their other best friend all own son jokingly offered to buy Jim and me each a motorcycle..with $5/gal gas in the future and even $6/gallon gas, even though I'm 70-1/2 and Jim is 72 it is something we might consider because gas prices are out of sight already, and food prices are getting there as well! :)
  • I ride my motorcycle to work every day pretty much no matter what. I wear a suit and tie at work. If it's cold I wear coveralls and if it rains I wear rain gear. With a windshield and helment and rain gear you don't get wet. It's adventurous and fun! I probably won't ride it in December and January though. ...John L.
  • I think we should all have bumper cars. I got dibs on the one that doesn't work-it probably has my name on it anyway.
  • I like the way you think!!!!!!

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