• i think its cause they havent been alive long enough to experience things from both sides so they dont have some empathies yet
  • Its instinct. Human instinct is be the dominant being. So until kids are taught society's 'rules', its just nature.
  • Unless they are taught empathy, children grow up to be egocentric. Without anyone to bring it to their attention, they think the world revolves around them and it never occurs to them otherwise. When parents are irresponsible and aren't present in their childrens lives, or don't fulfill the role of teacher in their childrens lives, children have no choice but to learn on their own and develop a world view which lacks an awareness of pain experienced by others. That's a basic explanation... Hope it helps... ;-)
  • It's because they're stupid little morons who don't know any better.
  • We are primates. All primates are social species with very rigid social hierarchies. Your place in the hierarchy determines whether you will get food and mates and food for your offspring. Kids are rotten cruel because they haven't learned to moderate their attempts to climb up in the hierarchy with common sense or common kindness. They haven't learned altruism - being kind to others - and they haven't learned empathy - imagining how they would feel if someone were cruel to them. If they learn, we eventually call them adults. If they don't learn, we call them sociopaths.
  • its because of these mtv rap videos that the children now days watch and copy and then when they get into trouble thats who they blame. i say so and so on mtv do that in his rap video and then the kids get off the hook or just a slap on the had and told not to watch rap videos anymore. and their parents dont control them or just let them do as they please. if any of the stuff that happens in todays world happened back in the old days those kids would be disaplined and they would learn not to do it again. when i was growing up and i did any of the stuff that kids do today i would get my ass beat and i would learn not to do it again. parents need to rais their kids in todays world and not the rap videos on mtv
  • They are unable to recognize the finer point of their actions, such as hurting someone else. They see in black and white (I will get in time out for doing this, so I won't) but not shades of grey (doing this might hurt someone). We start out viewing things as though we are the center of everything and it is happening around US. That is how we must learn in order to raise our survival rate. One additioanl thought, however....that is still no excuse for not teaching our children to be well-behaved and thoughtful towards others. I know for a FACT that even a 3 year old can have budding good manners and can think of others besides themselves. They haven't perfected yet (of course), but it EXISTS and can easily be seen. I have done it twice now.
  • For the same reasons some adults are. They haven't grown up.
  • Because they're taught to be that way by their sadistic evil parents.

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