• Wow, blondie, that's quite a lot of assumption and judgment to fit into one question. Whenever your time was, rest assured that your perspective of women's sexual feelings was inaccurate. The only difference in the sexuality of women now is that we are allowed to share our thoughts more openly. Have you ever heard of a little something called the Kinsey report? How about the Kama Sutra? These are only two of the countless examples of evidence showing that sexuality commonly breaks the mold of, say, 1950's polite society. Sorry to break it to you, but you are the one who has been brainwashed.
  • Anything has gone on for all of human history. The ancient greeks had pornography illustrating anything you could think of. "Their own kind"?! We are all humans, regardless of color, gender, age, religion or orientation. On the bright side for you, I'm sure that your prejudicial attitudes will alienate you from plenty of people whose sex life is inappropriate to you.
  • Hello, Girls always were lesbian but in your times, they never accepted it. Now they do. Woemen now a days r turned on by black men because... (1) It's a taboo, so they feel a bit scandeleous (2) A MYTH that black men have longer penis (3) Before 2 decades. Women used to get turned on by guys who were cute, decent and good looking. Now they needs muscular, agressive and rough. (4) White men are handsome and attractive but now women needs somethin that is more dirty and dengerous. They find it in black men. Black men r dark, dengerous lookin, tall, tough, rough and MYTH is they r agressive and violent. Women likes the feelin that they are with this kinda man.
  • i duno, we jus do. why are you asking such a close-minded question?? two mysteries. lolz =)
  • Why are you worrying about what other people are doing? Get on with your own life.
  • I'm not sure you can generalize like that. I think women are just opening up their sensuality and being able to choose whatever they please.
  • i dont think they are, at least I'm not, no offence or anything but i like my own race. women on the other hand are attracted to beauty and women being beautiful it would make sense to like what you see lol
  • Well just think 20 years ago a father would forbid his daughter from sein a black male. Times are changing, people dont look at gays the way they used to. women wanting women it has been for so many years that men didnt pay attention to thier wives and such that they truned to female friends and if a boy and a girl that hang out together day in and day out fall in love well its gonna happen between to females. Does it happen to men, no we are to self centered and not caring lol.
  • because it is more socially accepted. i hate that you are trapped in the 1930s. why must we be brain washed because we dont think like you. we left all the hot naked white men for you, cat daddy.
  • Just to break the thread of answer: Media conditioning. If you want to look up "Picture Perfect" and other professional responses to the media and its effect on women, you may get better info. It's true, anything goes but "old fashioned" values. I don't think people who want acceptance of their own behavior should throw rocks at others, though. And that response about brainwashing - just harsh. Media hype and unattainable ideals of beauty, with unrealistic expectations of sexuality (it isn't all Baywatch) "program" the audience. There's whole courses on media advertising and graphic communications. There's the little matter of taking prayer out of school, and losening controls on the media. Shock jocks woulda been run out of town, just 25 years ago. Now they are stars. Signs of the end times, neighbor. But 'El Nubian' can pose for me anytime - he's a beautiful man. :-) Beauty knows no racial boundaries.
  • THe liberal Media and our school system it's a losing battle but I am ok with that.
  • I haven't been brainwashed. I like what I like. Sorry...have to go. My Master is calling.
  • Because times has change and people are starting to move from the 1800 mentality
  • Oooooo there are? I wanna be a woman today....I wanna be turned on by Black men and other women too you know...I'm worthy...right?
  • I have another comment about your reaction at 8:22. The African American, "black", ethnicity is exceptionally strong and intelligent. Throughout history white people have had their lives handed to them on a silver spoon. At all points in time were people of color looked upon as being "not good enough". It takes a great amount of strength to rise above slavery, to live through apartheid, and to get to the point where a person can look at someone like you and feel sorry rather than afraid. People of color are heroes, revolutionaries, and saviors. People of color deserve to be treated as fairly as any other person. People of color deserve the right to be considered people by their peers. Only a coward will take jabs at an ethnicity which has committed no offense towards him.
  • Not all women are this way. Personally I wouldn't care what colour shape size etc my partner was. I am much more interested in are they intelligent? Do they have a good sense of humour? Do they have similar ideals, morals, standards as me? Do we share common interests?
  • I could thing of some nice, slow, painful things I'd like to do to the cretin who wrote this gorgeous question...
  • I like hot naked white men VERY MUCH, you know any???
  • I accidentally posted a comment in this box. Well, while I'm editing, I'll just throw in my two cents. People have always been forced to adhere to strict social norms, or they would face unfair ostracism. Now we are learning, slowly, to allow individuals to be true to themselves and to everyone else. It isn't that women are just beginning to notice men of other races, or other women. It's just that now they are free to express themselves and to pursue their idea of happiness.
  • The more you protest this, the more its true. No one would get such a rise out of this if it werent true. It goes against all logic. Dude you need to get over it LOL!!!!!!!!
  • 1-24-2017 It's religious. The whole country is possessed by a spirit of stupid. As it is demonstrated by some of the answers to your question.
    • officegirl
      What is "stupid" about our being with black men or another woman if we want to?
  • I don't know about "brainwashing". Certainly we feel more freedom and there is more acceptance for our interest in black men as well as same sex play. Not sure what your "time" was but I was seeing black men and having flings with other women (well one at least) in the 1970s. Well black men are men after all. And some of us are drawn to a different race or are turned on by the difference in skin color or the "taboo" factor involved or because we just relate better to black men. And through friendships and affection many of us have developed intimate girl/girl relationships as well as learned to enjoy more casual same sex play. As for "hot naked white men" I'm not sure that I ever needed them to remove their clothing to find them "hot". And I have never been particularly drawn to black men for relationships though have enjoyed sex with them on a number of occasions. And still sometimes do!
  • It's not about brainwashing, it's about personal choice.

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