• My dog barking.
  • Right now as I answer your question it is 9:19 PM on June the 6th 2008. And there is a lot of sounds out here. A tree frog seemed to be making the most. There are a few cows out there calling for their young. Off in a distances about 10 miles point to point,I hear a train blowing its horn at a crossing. I also hear a little traffic on the old Route 66 a few miles away. There is some thunder in the west of me. And that will most likely means. There will be a good chance of another storm approaching the area, with in the next few hours. Most likely thats why those cows are calling for their young. So that they can be near one another, in a heard during the storm. If you go to CW11 NEWS St.Louis Mo. You may just see the type of storms we have had here these past few hours.
  • Birds chirping away. Car driving down the road. A basketball bouncing and the vioces of the kid playing with it at the court about 50 feet away. An intercom voice from a boat dealership next door. The other thing you would hear are the jets flying overhead on there way to Sky Harber.
  • Dogs barking,kids yelling, basketballs bouncing at the basketball court next door.Depending on which group of youngsters are playing, you could hear "swearing. "Crows cawing, as the young ones have arrived, and are very, very, hungry! The PA system at the school next door, for some reason unbeknown to me, they air all announcements outside. If you are lucky enough to be here early, like 8:30 AM, you can join in singing "O Canada". The sounds of cars and buses dropping their kids off at school. Old time country music...from the house, 2 doors up. Actually... it is a noisy neighbourhood, I hate it here!!
  • Its night time, you might hear cars driving by every once in awhile...but thats about it. You want more don't you, "sir, a refund for you." ;) ha
  • The distant roar of the I-5 freeway a few dogs barking once in awhile, and the jet airliner flying over from the airport up north from the house.

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