• i love it, i don;t have the guts to go all the way with the make up and stuff but i do have a full length leather coat.
  • Like all fashions it suits some better than others - its just a look though....
  • I think it is a bit extreme. I think many fall into being goth for the wrong reasons and do it more for a following the fad than what it suppose to represent.
  • Personally, I think some of them kind of over do it, but it's their thing and young people are going to express themselves. As long as they're not hurting anyone...what's the problem? I remember the "older" generation's reaction to
  • Well, I just adore Alice Cooper. My FAVORITE song: The look is soooo not for me, but to each his own! (I prefer pink over black.) :D
  • I think that some of the goth girls are hot.
  • If that's what they want for themselves then I'm behind them. Personal style choices don't make the person. I've never been disrespected by someone dressed Goth. The respect is mutual.
  • It's fine, but some people do it shock others. If they do it to try to freak people out, or want me to stare at them, I'm not impressed.
  • If it looks good on them and they are clean. not grungy, I think anyone can look stylish and beautiful.
  • I think what truly matters is what kind of person you are, not how you dress/look. I like it when people use their style as artistic expression, whatever the style may be.
  • Its looks nice, I have no problem with it. :) Kinda my favorite style!
  • Love it! It's my look, and Goth Dudes are Gothalicious =)
  • Personally I don't like it, along with Emo and some other styles. But I still respect it as long as no intentional harm is being done to me or to others. There are probably a lot of Goths or Emos who don't like how I look or dress.
  • some girls really pull it off
  • I think everyone is into different things like people who are into goth look may question girls that wear make up... :)
  • "That" Gothic look? lol... It's just a style, a way of life, like grunge, preppy, skins, hippies - teddy-boys - you remember them, don't you? haha!! When - if -they grow out of it, they'll probably be dead straight and wear 3-piece suits, ties, cocktail dresses and be terribly proper! I know a few Goths who are highly educated and very intelligent. they just like the look.
  • they hate life and are just giving up............. what noobs
  • Just another trend,nothing againt them.
  • Sometimes it can look very good. Sometimes not....
  • I honestly cant keep up with kids these days. When I was in school, things were simpler. You had the jocks, the preps, the popular cheerleaders, and the stoners. That was IT! Things were so simple as far as classification and "fitting in".... But, I would have to agree... personal expression is just that. Personal. Whether it be through art, writing or dress. Its still expression and luckily we live in America where we have the freedom to do as such. Also.... Never underestimate that feeling you got when you looked back at your hairstyle in the 80's (those of us who CAN do so!) and were shocked that you'd EVER wear that style!! Same concept applies here, kids will look back in 20 or 30 years and say "man that goth look was _________" fill in the blank. I'm not getting DR'ed for saying anything even remotely offensive to anyone!!! lol
  • They should wear tires around their necks. Snow tires. WITH STUDS!

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