• He was the one who didn't want war - he was pushed into it by Britain.
    • Victorine
      And that's why he invaded Poland, did he? He didn't want war? Sweetie, you need to go back to school.
    • Army Veteran
      "Sweetie", you might want to dig a little deeper into the facts instead of just going by a high school history book. Do you recall something called the Anglo-Polish Agreement where Britain guaranteed assistance to Poland in the event of an attack by another country? (the only "other country" was Germany. The Soviet Union attacked two weeks later and Britain did nothing to them). If you'll further recall, when Hitler invaded Poland, Britain was nowhere to be found - they reneged on the deal they made with Poland. Why? It was because Britain had no intention of keeping their word - they didn't have the military strength. It would take them another 8 months to build up their forces enough to make a serious move against Germany. Then what did they do? They attacked Berlin, which triggered the attack on London. Churchill was a prize buffoon. He led his country into a war that could have been avoided. The promise that was made to Poland was for no other reason than to give Poland a false sense of confidence so they would provoke an attack by Hitler. Britain suckered Poland to give them justification to declare war on Germany. Hence, Hitler never wanted war - Britain did. But they provoked Germany into attacking so they could blame the war on them (Germany).
    • Chicagoan
      "Sweetie, you need to go back to school." That one never went to school, V. He thinks he impresses everyone by being a Denier. He was kicked off of here once before for this crap, and it will happen again.
    • Army Veteran
      @Chicagoan - again, you can't be more wrong. I've never been kicked off here - I've only been here about a month. [] And I'm not trying to "impress" anyone. What you call a "denier" is someone who does his homework and thinks independently - something most people who comment on the subject of WW2 are either afraid to do or lack the mental capacity to educate themselves.
  • I think he invented the interstate, didn't he?
    • Army Veteran
      He didn't invent the autobahn - it had already been started in a limited area by the time he emerged onto the scene. But he was the one who expanded it into the nationwide highway that was the inspiration for Eisenhower's Interstate system in the United States.
    • Linda Joy
      Limited area is not interstate. He's the one who made it interstate.
  • He's dead. And that's a positive thing about him.
  • He knew how to read the tenor of the times in Germany, how to appeal to the masses there, what many of them wanted to hear and how. It's a gift a great many demagogues have possessed. and is a major reason they become successful. However, despite that talent, they tend to lack others they will need once in power, and they also tend to overreach. Hitler was a classic example of both the common assets and the flaws of such people.
    • Army Veteran
      The "tenor" of the times was years of oppression forced on the German people by an unfair and illegal Versailles Treaty as well as the economic destruction caused by Jewish influence throughout the years of the Weimar Republic. 14 years of starvation, unemployment, and homelessness affects a population in a negative way. The German people followed Hitler, not because he "brainwashed" them - the 14 years under the Weimar government did that. They followed him because he said he would restore Germany to them - and he did. He kept his word and they loved him for it.
    • Chicagoan
      You are one serious POS. But, I'm sure you know that. You must help the Bible Home Schools rewrite history, too!
  • He failed to wipe out the Jews.
    • Army Veteran
      He didn't try - Hitler was defending Germany. History is well-documented with events in which Germany was a target of conquest. 1) About 2,000 years ago, the legions of Imperial Rome began the long and bloody process of conquering a region they called "Germania." 2) During the 400's, the rampaging Huns devastated German regions just outside of the Roman Empire. 3) During the 700's, the invading Moors (originally from North Africa) were blocked from penetrating deeper into Europe by what is known today as "German Militarism". 4) During the 1200s, the Mongols reached their furthest western limit with a typically genocidal attack against the German Kingdom of Bohemia. 5) The Franco-Prussian War of 1870-71 was started by expansionist-minded French Emperor Napoleon III.
      Your revisionist history is unpersuasive.

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