• I wouldn't that would be a disaster with all of them feathers being extruded from the pillow. It would be a disaster. Try washing it by hand with a towel.
  • It really depends on the pillow. I have down pillows, so I wash by hand. But there are a couple other ones in the house. I think the Memory foam pillow we wash machine
  • nope, just the pillow sheet cover. The actual pillow can be washed by hand gently if needed; try some oxy-clean, that's what I like to use
  • no you really cant they get all outta shape and stuff all of the stuffing goes to one side or gets all bunched up in the middle i was gonna try putting fabreez on them but i havent tried it yet
  • I tried that I just buy new pillows.
  • It depends on the pillow. I wash mine with no problem but ou can only do it a few times before it gets out of shape. I wouldnt recommend you washing a feather pillow.
  • Check the label. If it is made with synthetic materials, it's probably fine. I have washed my pillows quite a few times. Make sure you wash them in pairs and balance the machine.
  • I have washed pillows in the washing machine, but afterwards they were very lumpy and really not the same. However I now have a larger machine and maybe that would not be a problem.
  • I have before and they were never the same. Now I just buy new ones when we need to.
  • I can but I don't!LOL!
  • Some you can. Read the care label. Most feather and down pillows are easy to wash. Those fiber ones often get lumpy and mishapped.
  • It definetely depends on the pillow. I had pillows that I've washed and all the filling goes to one area and clumps together. Then I bought different pillows and they come out really nice when they are washed. I buy the Sealy Posterpedic pillows.
  • It's best not to wash your pillows with the washing machine. Hands wash is better for such delicate stuff. For tips on how to use your washing machine, visit
  • I do it all the time. You just have to make sure it gets thoroughly dry inside. Also, wash at least two at a time to make sure you don't get a dancing washer. Also, if you put too many in at once, it might shred it. I usually try to wash 2 - 3 at a time.

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