• yes. especially the lady who digs garbage out of the deli trash can.
  • Yes. I'm particularly interested in hearing the stories war vets have to tell. It's a living history book. I'm also drawn to elderly people who have a twinkle in their eyes - I want to know their secrets. It bothers me that the lifestyles of people three generations before us are often lost.
  • Always. When I am around elderly people, I don't hesitate to ask. I also ask the secret ingredient to their long-lasting marriages. They love for young people to ask them questions... they get lonely and feel the need to share their wisdom. It's good for their heart.
  • all the time, i get loads of old people come into the shop i work in and i always think about what they would have looked like, what their job would have been, how they met their partner. then sometimes they actually tell me all these things and i lose about an hour out of my working day providing them with someone to chat to :o)
  • That thought doesn't usually cross my mind. I do wonder if there's any way I can help them now

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