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  • moans.. shaking a bit (in a good way) holding your hair or hand at back of your head his hands clasping onto something tightly if he does nothing ask him if it was ok and what you need to work on..
  • Any other noises he makes (moans, deep breathing, grunts, gasps etc) When his hand goes to the back of my head, either just resting there or pressing down or tangling my hair in his fingers, sometimes tightening. When he shifts his lower body in any way, usually in a thrusting motion further into my mouth. When I feel him twitch in my mouth. When I'm massaging his balls and I feel them retract more. When his body heats up more and/or sweats more.
  • If his dick is hard he's enjoying it. Some guys just don't make noise.
  • Hair pulling, rubbing me, amongst others.
  • Well you could always just ask him, the best way to make anything work is to communicate. I cant sit still when I enjoy it and thats how my wife knows, when it feels real good I will start t move in and out as like you know. Just be open while doing it you will pick up on his movements and other things, all guys are different so its kinda hard to put one thing out there.

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