• it was hard for me to. at the end of the runway land on it emidietly and slow down fast!!! when u do slow down and dodge the airplanes on the runway and u should come to a stop in front of a building. when u come to a stop u then have to press A (if ur using a wii) and im not sure wat kind of system u have. but thats the anwser and also il give u cheat codes but i havnt played my game in a while so i havent put these cheats on yet. so if they dont work dont get mad im sure thers others. cheat 1 is all planes and missions unlocked also all paint jobs are unlocked. hold down (if ur using a wii) (-) (+) press d-pad left then right and press 1,2,2,1 ccheat 2 is god mode (u have unlimited health) and more damage. (god mode)hold down - and press 1,2,1,2 (more damage) hold - and press 2,1,1,2. i hope this helped u. and if it didnt look it up on google for which ever system u have
  • I found this hint on a couple of sites and it helped me. The trick is to land after destroying all the tanks. DO NOT follow the next objective and go near the ships. Just land. If you can't land before the guy says the ships are attacking, crash and try again. Land it and then sit still. Get Frank and Tom to keep the Jap planes off you. You'll still get hit by flak and your plane will be damaged, but you'll be safe on the ground. Just sit tight and wait for the option to press 1 to change planes.

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