• Women always critique themselves too hard, and beat themselves up over what they THINK they look like. He's with you, and not her. That should count for something.
  • Maybe he finds you prettier than her. Besides it's not just about looks, it's about personality and interests. Don't beat yourself up, just enjoy your relationship. +5
  • She's his are his gf. why do you bother to worry about her? he chose you AFTER he was with her
  • NO WAY .. don't end it because you are jealous of his ex. he's going with you now.. & obviously likes you a lot more.. or he would'nt be with you? .. try and forget about her.. i feel bad when i think of my boyfriends ex's.. but i know he loves me.. so why should i care? .. the are the ones that should be jealous that its working for you & him.. because it obviosly never worked for them. <3
  • he is with you for a reason! sounds like you have low self esteem, i deal with that sometimes with my boyfriend who has had some really gorgeous gfs in the past. but remember, he is with you, NOT them. so thats got to mean something, right?
  • are you kidding me? you are so lucky to have a guy who wants you for you and not what you look like! women would kill for that. hold on to what you have and stop being so insecure. men can smell an insecure woman a mile away. don't lose him over something so stupid. hold your head up high and be proud. his ex is the one that should feel bad not you!
  • It is thinking like this that causes a man distress. Try to remember this, he may want to love you for your character, not your good looks. If that is the case, he can't find a personality like yours except in you. Body be damned. Understand this, it is HARD to convince a woman you love her first and not just her good looks. Been there, gone thru that.
  • Well you know what they say; if you aren't able to be happy with yourself, you are definitely not capable of being happy with someone else jumbled up in the mess. You need to understand one crucial thing here. Whatever his ex may be like, however gorgeous she might be, and whenever they might've had it good, she's an ex. Exes are exes for a reason, and that means one thing: She's history! It's your turn now, and you need to concentrate on that, not on the fact that he dated a girl who looks like Angelina Jolie. Don't let your apparently low self-esteem mess things up for you, because a low self-esteem isn't exactly a turn-on to men. Present confidence and you'll do much better. So, it's all up to you, but there's something that I'm fairly certain of. If you keep up like this, eventually you won't even have to end it - he'll do it for you.
  • She's his ex for a reason!! He's with you for a reason!!! God Bless!!
  • you called yourself boring! Well, be impulsive. Do some crazy things that wold be fun for both of you! He's with you. Stop dwelling on who she is. I know exactly how you feel, believe me. And also, I speak a couple languages, have traveled the world...and guess what? Still single. Just because a person has a couple traits that you envy doesn't mean they're great and well-rounded. Green eyes and speaks Greek...but also could be very judgemental, puts down people who she thinks aren't as good, kicks her dog when it narks and hates her her own grandmother. And she steals. haha. see, could be worse. Grab him and tell him how you feel, then get on that roller-coaster of a relationship and don't look back.
  • Don't compare yourself to her. It is your choice whether you end it with him or not.
  • No there are reasons they are exes. He sees something special in you, she probably isn't more interesting, it just looks that way because you see her as slightly threatening.
  • Not at all. All these you explained here can just fade away in moments. But the bonding and love for each other can stay longer than you think even without all these.
  • In the heart of the beholder is were good relations are rooted,There is always going to be somebody that looks better and the list goes on,Have you not ever heard the phrase "Dont judge a book by its cover"
  • Maybe she made him feel nothing. Why don't you ask him? You sure need to start loving you that's for sure. Who gives a f*ck if someone knows Greek anyway. That is not a deal breaker.
  • Why? Maybe she treated him like dirt, and you make him feel like a king. It's not all about the appearance of a person.
  • There was probably something about her that annoyed him. If he is happy with you, then he must see some nice things in you that you are not mentioning. You probably have a lot going for yourself but you are shy and maybe have a low self-esteem.
  • You can't know anyone's motives by guessing. The best sign of what someone is thinking is what they are doing. This guy wants to know you, and perhaps more. Good looks are somewhat important, but for some people, security in an emotional relationship is life-or-death important. There are so many viable reasons, and no way for you to ever find out the true motive if you sabotage this thing before you have a chance to know this guys heart. It's a risk - there's no way around it. If you feel unworthy, it doesn't mean you are unworthy, but it is a good indication that you are unready - unready to be in a relationship with someone else, that is. Sure, it's a great instant ego gratification, but if you are not OK with you, there will ALWAYS be something wrong in whatever relationship you attempt.
  • NO, I want you to promise me you will not do that! I unfortunatley allowed myself to think that way & did what you are suggesting...... one of the worst decisions of my life. I made it about 3yrs ago & I'm still suffering for it, please dont make the same mistake.
  • yes ... IMMEDIATELY .. hopefully in the last year you hooked up with a guy whose last girlfriend was a fat ugly beast (well, at least moreso than you) so you can finally feel good about yourself, because as we all know, true self confidence comes from judging yourself against others
  • Beauty is only skin deep. She's gonna lose all of that anyway with time. If she dumped him, he could well be on the rebound, and NEEDS time to heal. Meanwhile you have self esteem issues and also need time to heal. You two are just what the other needs for now. Don't end it because you think the 'fates' are against you. If anything, you two have been brought together to heal one another. Will it go beyond that? Who knows? People have gotten together because of mutual gratitude before. Don't throw this away for no good reason at all!
  • Hmmm...I think as a woman soon enough you will discover men arnt as shallow as most women make them out to be. LoL. They arnt all about looks and "beautiful" women. Infact when a man falls in love its with whatever girl he falls in love with no matter who she is, what she looks like, how she acts, or what she wears. Men fall in love with personality, internal beauty, and just a girl they can relate to and kick it with. Why would you want to ruin a good relationship?... Obviously he likes you, and you like him? Why let an X get in the way, thats silly. I think instead of making you feel bad or whatever, it should be a huge self esteem bumper. You should feel wonderful, beautiful...and give him all youve got. and if you appriciate him and his love for you, show your appriciation, dont break up with him. ??? lol. Good luck. Have fun.... he likes you for you. lol...means hes a real good man, and youll have lots of good times togather.
  • She is his EX, correct? Despite the perfect qualities you have identified, they have chosen to separate, which means something isn't perfect after all. But more importantly, you are falling for the all-to-common blunder of comparing what you percieve as your weakest points against what you perceive to be her greatest strengths. "Doctor, it hurts when do this." Doctor: "Then don't do this." Step away from the comparative mirror and go to work on becoming what you want to become. The busier you get on developing your own skills and talents and weaknesses, the easier it is to dismiss the destructive mirror. Do it! Your happiness depends on it.
  • I don't think better or worse exists. Rather, differences exist. I think is only natural feeling the way you feel. There is not, in my opinion, easy fix for this. Working on your confidence may help. Sometimes these things come in our life to 'force' us to make a step further in our personal development. Maybe you can do something that makes you feel more confident and "better" (like you see this other woman)? What about learning a language or another skill? Developing an interest on your own? Cultivating a new hobby? Also, learning to bei caring, compassionate and gentle with yourself. I am sure many people find you wonderful...
  • ok, I know exactly how you feel. The whole "she's his ex for a reason" stuff that EVERYONE says just doesn't quite itch that scratch does it? It's just too generalized and easy to say. She has green eyes, what color are yours? deep chocolate brown that are sensitive and sweet like a doe? or Blue--the color that reminds people of being in love? She's tall, but maybe she looks lanky, while you are shorter and well-proportioned. It is easy to say that beauty is skin deep. How do you tell that to people who have an artistic eye and appreciate aesthetics more than others? You are concerned about her looks because you think about the importance of beauty in the world, and how it can make someone melt, or affect him on a deeper level--in this case your boyfriend thinking of his ex. The "well she was pretty but there was nothing beyond the exterior" thing is b.s. as well. Though it may be true for many cases, you make it clear that she probably had a great personality and was probably really smart. There are many beautiful people who also have wonderful personalities. Where I'm going with this is that I can't give you the magic answer, but I can tell you one thing. You know how you can be in a crowded room and you see the people who are obviously beautiful, but there is sometimes someone that just catches your eye. Maybe it's an aura or a vibe that they give off. You think they are more beautiful than anyone in that room. Your rational senses tell you that they don't have the precise configuration of a popular beauty, but there's just something about him/her. This is what you are for your person. His ex didn't have that certain something, that aura that you possess. You bewitched him, and it may not have been something anyone else would understand. There are many complexities and mysteries about the human mind, and I believe there must be more chemical reactions and fields of energy that we pick up on than we even know. This is what makes love beautiful and magical; and you are beautiful and magical to him.
  • He probably likes you because you are not like her. Im sure there is a reason they broke up in the first place. Feel confident in yourself. Im sure you have alot that she doesnt!!

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