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  • 90% of the men I've dated have LOVED performing oral sex on me. I think the problem most men have is that they aren't exactly sure how the female genitalia works, so they aren't sure they'd be able to please the woman even if they tried. Pleasing a man is relatively simple. You find the right amount of "squeeze" and the right speed, and it's pretty much in and out. A woman is a little more complicated and many men find this intimidating. A lot of men that I've talked with also say that they encounter a larger proportion of women who don't seem to enjoy being on the receiving end of oral sex. I think this is probably because of the social stigma attached to the scent of a woman's genitals. Women are self-conscious about how they look and smell "down there". Normal vaginal odor is a very big turn on for a lot of men. I think the real problem is miscommunication. Women think their men are going to be turned off by their smell and men are afraid of not being able to please the woman.
  • I think it varies on the partner you're sexually active with. One guy I dated was embarrassed of the appearance of his penis so much that he never wanted a bj, we just kept oral sex out of our "time together" (we only dated for a month or so, thank God). The guy I'm seeing now LOVES giving me oral stimulation as much as he loves to recieve it. The first guy I ever slept with (both of us were virgins) tried to pleasure me but he totally wasn't into it, and never did it again. That made me think that it was my fault and that something was wrong with my body, and to this day, I can still struggle sometimes with allowing my partner to reciprocate, just because of that ONE guys' reaction. I'm sure I'm not alone in having experienced something like this, which would cause any woman to shun a guys' advances out of fear of it happening again. In my opinion, and experience, most guys just prefer getting fellatio and neglect to return the favor because "it's just easier" (so they think). It's not really about women liking sex more, a lot of men are just scared and/or lazy to please their woman.
  • Im a virgin, but i would pleasure a woman. One thing though, i would say that it is easier for a woman to pleasure a man oraly than it is for a man to pleasure a woman oraly. Just a thought :)
  • I love eating at the Y it acctually excites me when she gets a hot bath and says come and get me.
  • I don't think your sleeping with the right guy is all because many of us love, love, love to go for the Australian kiss.
  • Put me in the minority, I would pleasure a woman anytime. Why not?
  • i love to do it 4 her i got a tounge ring just 2 make it a little better its a big turn on 4 me i dont no 2 many guys that dont go there u got get creative in bed thats what makes it so fun
  • I also think that there are much more males who give oral sex than women who like to give. For most women giving oral sex was absolutely out of question while they were almost insisting to receive oral service.
  • For younger women it is almost a matter of course that a man goes down for them while for most women it is out of question that they would ever do. Some people just call it the princess syndrom. Women and girls expect a male to do anything for them while their job is only to enjoy their pleasure. I met very rarely girls or women who ever would go down for a male. It is just opposite that women expect males to do it for them just as a matter of course. Often I hear here in Europe that young men are complaining that they only are allowed to give oral sex and normal sex is almost a taboo. And among young women the quality of a tongue seems to be more a topic than the quality of a penis.
  • thats a horrible thought and i am not sure it is true - my circle of friends is a deep diving group then.
  • This man loves giving and receiving oral sex. All of us are some way, and some of us are that way.
  • I absolutely LOVE going down on a girl and performing oral...infact, i cant get enough of it! Dont get me wrong, i love receiving oral, but i love to give it just as much :)
  • I love it. I suspect that for some men it's a confidence issue, not knowing how to do it right and being too proud ask.
  • I have found the opposite to be true. I have had a few boyfriends who have had previous girlfriends who wouldn't perform oral sex and thought foreplay was all about the woman. Most of the men I've been out with have really been into giving oral sex - it is me that isn't really into receiving. The ones who weren't into giving oral sex, it was simply because they were lazy and didn't care about the woman and they weren't into other forms of foreplay either. They were the exact same men who never bothered to find out if you orgasmed, or just conveniently assumed you got an orgasm from intercourse without foreplay just like they did. Strangely enough, since it is always assumed it is because the woman has hang-ups if she doesn't like oral, I don't have hang ups about oral sex, I enjoy it occaisonally, I just don't like it as much as being manually stimulated. It can be very nice, sometimes incredibly intense, but I prefer fingers. My first boyfriend was exceptional with his fingers and could easily give me 7+ orgasms in a row, so I think I was spoilt early :-) In fact the problem with most men is that they rely completely on giving oral sex. A lot of them, especially because of popular culture, think it is THE way to pleasure a woman and that every woman is going to be incredibly happy if they do it right. I have come across a few men who, if you tell them you don't like oral sex, look quite panicked, because they have just never learned another way of pleasing a woman and have never learnt to use their hands, concentrating on giving good oral instead. I don't feel it is easier to please a man orally - in my experience men like COMPLETELY different things when it comes to oral sex. Some like a lot of pressure, some a little, some like you to go deep, others to concentrate on the head or play with their balls. Some like a regular rhythm and some like you to change it about a lot. And then there is the foreskin to contend with and all the things you can do with that :-) I know plenty of women who don't 'love' going down on men, but who do it for their partners or because they think it is expected or is the way to keep their man. I'm lucky I am one of the ones who loves it :-)
  • haha I dont realy find that. If im going down on a guy I expect something back for sure and so far ive never received a no. :)
  • I have been going down on women sence I was nine and did not have sex intell i was 23. My frist broke up with me because I could not get past the fact that she had sex but did not let guys eat her out. I have been down on 23 girls but only sleept with 3
  • I actually like going down more than receiving... I like the tease of it all and the anticipation it builds .... but that's just me
  • There is nothing as pleasurable as having a woman spread her legs and let you lick, suck and nibble on her clit

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