• You know, I'm not really sure most of the time. I find that a lot of people who wear make up tend to wear too much of it and that really takes away from any natural beauty. In the worst cases you can make yourself look positively ghoulish. Personally I don't wear makeup, but I could understand people wearing a little bit (barely noticable) to accentuate their beauty, or to hide one blemish for a photo day or something (like having one pimple, something like that).
  • Yes, it's deception and yes to both uses. And yes, the chemicals are dangerous to their skins, though considerably less so than they were once upon a time. We've come a long way from lead-based Geisha paint and octopus ink.
  • Most women wear makeup to hide scars that they believe does not enhance their beauty. I once saw this woman on the train standing in front of me with too much foundation on and I thought her face was melting. I placed some tissues from my bag on the floor and my pants so that it would drip on me. I had on white clothes on the train at that time. And yes it can be dangerous if the materials used to put on the makeup are reused instead of thrown out after a certain time. The only makeup I've ever worn was eyeshadows. I dont need anything else.
  • Accentuate, cover up blemishes, it's also fun to experiment, no the chemicals are not dangerous if you use the right products.
  • Surprisingly enough, many women seem to believe that using make up enhances their looks, and makes them more attractive. I can't see it, myself. I consider it to be a tremendous waste of time and money, and I always have.
  • It really depends on the individual. i don't always wear make up. The type and amount differ depending on what i am doing. there are people who feel they are ugly without it, of course and there are those who use it to cover scars and other skin problems. i know that i wear it to give me a bit of color and it helps me be a bit expressive.
  • the reasons change from person to person but no the chemicals dont hurt your skin, at all, if anything it helps sundamage to your skin and they have anti-wrinkle make-up with spf and moisturizers in them
  • I wish I knew. I hate wearing makeup. I wish it never had been invented. When I do wear it upon occasion, I always feel like a drag queen or a little girl who has been playing with her mother's things.

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