• neva heard that. i'm curious to read these answers
  • Somebody who poses,I guess. Like models poses for pictures.
  • Somebody who dresses or acts like something he or she isn't and/or knows nothing about just to try to fit in or be cool.
  • A poser is someone who pretends to be someone they are not, pretends they know things they don' fit in or be cool or whatever lame reason. In other words, a poser is just another way of saying someone is a fake.
  • Someone who tries to act like something they're not, or at least, something they know absolutely nothing about.
  • in Australia a poser falls into the same section as a wanker!, one who prances and poses and pretends he/she is the most..the best..cock of the walk while everyone else simply knows them as 'wanker'!
  • Someone who acts like something they are not, and does not do a good job of it.
  • A Wannabe?? w/o sufficient criteria, and basic confidence--hoping to be sucked into the universe in which they pose and establish a place? for themselves w/o being properly interviewed? I don't know for sure-it seems kinda pathetic and sad that they can't just be themselves.---Hey Jodie--itchy says scratchy ;)
  • A 3D figure drawing program made by eFrontier.
  • My facebook picture! :)
  • from all my years watching "Monty Python's Flying Circus" - again and again, lol - a difficult question or puzzle...
  • For me, I would have to say that is a slang term for someone who is trying to be something they are not, and taking it a little too far.
  • Poser...A person who pretends and goes to elaborate ends to conceal their true nature. A living breathing sock puppet.
  • one who tries too hard to become something they're not and try to fit a superficial stereotype of some sort for the sake of being accepted - usually dressing to the extreme of whatever said stereotype they have chosen
  • A person trying to be different from the norm, and therefore being the same as all the other folks trying to be different from the norm. Or, someone who adheres to a social unconventional genre without understanding what it is or without truly being interested or fascinated by said genre, in the sole reason of making heads turn. A guy wearing a NIN or Slipknot t-shirt and doesn't know that Downward Spiral was an album, not a song. Or a ''punk'' who paid 200$ for his army boots.
  • Poser: please refer to Fabio.
  • A Wannabe who is not acting like ther true self to impress others.... Posers are the worst. I think
  • FOR ME: Is not exactly people like Wannabes who haven't established or don't know who they really are ( personality issue )is more like people who pretend to be something that they're not just to fit in, a wannabe really tries to be a real part of it but a poser does it with the purpose to get Something out of it, not just 'cause he wants to be a part of whatever you call "IT" which could be fame.
  • Someone who thinks ther hot shit on toast when their really cold poo on bread
  • Someone who pretends to be part of an elite group which they are not entitled to be a member of.
  • Skateboard looser with skateboard trying to do tricks but can't is a poser. This is what it is.
  • Someone who puts on a social mask so that they can kiss the arse of people they believe to be superior in order to get ahead in life. They cannot be real with others, and their lives are an act to keep up with their persona.
  • Narcissists are natural posers. They are often trying to situate themselves in high places socially, politically, and in the workplace by stepping on the toes of other people.
  • Show off.
  • A poser is a loser. We all have issues but someone who plays games like that, for me, is the biggest loser of all.
  • someone who is OTT about how they look, act and dress and appear to others at all times, and always looking in the mirror at their reflection

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