• taxed the same...its not my fault I make more than you. (not you per se)
  • It should vary by income. A millionaire shouldn't be able to get away with giving as much as a person who makes minimum wage and is struggling to feed his family.
  • Taxed equally. That said I find it disturbing that the middle and lower classes are the ones paying the bulk of the taxes to support this country. The higher income brackets get all kinds of little breaks that if looked at carefully shows that the level of taxes they are required to pay is lower by percentage. :)
  • It should be the more you make, the more you pay. The rich get more benefit out of the government, they should pay more to run it. Those of us that have to choose to get our meds or eat, should be exempt from taxes.
  • i think there should be standardized taxation
  • It should be a set percentage of the income. That way, the more people earn the more tax they pay. In any place in any country. That's the only fair way.
  • It should be a progressive tax as a whole. 10% to a low wage earner is vastly different to a high income earner. If the government taxed a person that makes $30,000 at 10%, there a reality that this person is at the poverty line if it's for a household of 4.

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