• Put double-sided sticky tape on it. They DETEST stepping on it. Or, put a few balloons where they will pop as the cat jumps up there.
  • It is possible to train a cat not to jump on things while you are there to enforce it. When you leave, the cat will do as it wants. I use the noise method. I hit my hand with a newspaper, or shake a "training chain" and the cat behaves, but only as long as someone is around. When we are gone, we close the door to rooms where the cat is not allowed, or cover the counters with a sheet.
  • It is very possible, I have trained all my cats over the years not to jump on counters and tables. Keep a squirt gun or spray bottle filled with water nearby. As soon as you see your cat on a forbidden place, yell "No!" and spray her with the water. Most cats are smart enough to soon associate the counter with a bad experience. Unfortunately some cats are also smart enough to realize its only bad when you are there. If that's your cat, try to close off the area when you are not around and/or look for opportunities to surprise her on the table. This works best if you are very sparing in the number of things you say "No!" to. If you say "No!" to too much, your cat will get confused.
  • Double sided tape. Squirt bottle. Keep food off counters. Etc. ~+~
  • I used a water pistol with one of my cats and it was very effective. I got her from the first time she tried it until she stopped trying. It took a few squirts before she got the idea. Other cats didn't care one bit if they were squirted. It's worth a shot, literally. LOL
  • I just yell at her to get down. Seems to work. It must sound funny to my neighbors. "Dog! Get off the f****** counter!"
  • Take aluminum foil and roll it into a ball then pull it back out straight and lay it in your problem areas for a few weeks. Cats hate it and will learn to stay off.
  • There are many ways of keeping a cat off a counter. What you need to do is make a counter unnatractive for it. You can lay down sheets of aluminum foil paper. They hate walking on foil. Cats dislike citrus so you can spray your counter with lemon or orange scented air spray. Leave orange peels scattered on the counter is probably the easiest way. None of these steps need to be kept up on a continuous basis. Usually once a cat realizes it doesn't like what it finds on the counter you can put away the foil and oranges.
  • After your cat is trained not to jump on the counter you should definately pay attention if all of a sudden it does so, meowing, and walking back and forth: this usually means a problem with its kitten-or your baby. A number of babys that stopped breathing have been saved because of this.

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