• Yes, of course. You are expected to remain still until nap time is over, at which time it will be snack time ....and I think you already know who will be looking after that too.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      yes yes, and I get to scoop up the logs too! ...and clean up hairball puke...and vacuum up enough hairs to make a pillow out of...and...oh yea, but there are good elements too..he's a brilliant conversationalist! Why just the other day he said....hold on pssswssspssswssspss... Oh I see.... My special doctor friend says the cat did NOT talk to me about any final solutions or taking care of the noisy neighbor or Donald Trump (although he was spot on about that one)...Just a tic..... psswsspsswsspsss... .Oh, I see.... And my special doctor friend says I gotta go now as it's very rude of me to leave the Martians waiting at the door..what?...Oh, he says "just kidding"
    • Ice man
  • I always do my best to stay still and let Earnie sleep. But I figured out how to move him without waking him.

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