• hmmm this question looks a little familiar.... I did have a teacher that made a difference in my life ..Joyce Gould she taught social studies in 8th grade and also in high school. She was always pushing me to live to my potential.
  • Irwin Hoffman was my Humanities (AP English/History) teacher in high school. He was big and gruff and always challenging us. One day we were all complaining about the big holes in the Senior parking lot and Mr. Hoffman proved to us what a bunch of spoiled brats we were. The next day he had a dozen shovels and wheelbarrows ready and we spent our two hour class period filling up the holes in the parking lot. I learned to solve my own problems from Mr. Hoffman and will always be grateful to him for that lesson.
  • I have to say all my teachers made a difference in my life. They all touched me in some way and taught me something I didn't know until that point. I am grateful for all of them. However, there is one teacher that really impacted my life. My high school art teacher, Jeannie Donegan. She inspired me and taught me that I could be more than what I thought I could. I reached higher because of her.
  • When I had started 7th grade. I moved from a Small School into a Big School. I was very shy,scared to death and I had all ready made up my mind that I just wasn't going to speak to anyone for a while. Well, I also cried all the time that I was in that school and the Teachers and the Students were getting tired of trying to cheer me up! Well, then one day after a few of us were transferred once again into the third Art class we were to have(this was also why I was so upset)I finally met a wonderful Art Teacher who saw that I was scared and I just didn't have any courage or self confidence at all! So, he introduced me to a wonderful Art teacher who was to become my Art Teacher later. Any way Mr. Moore took me into this back room where all of the art supplies were kept and as he was talking to me he made me something that I wont ever forget and as he pinned it to my blouse. He told me to always remember my "Brave Heart." After that I became a lot better,gained more confidence and strted making more friends with out fear of anything or anyone after that!
  • I have a teacher who is my wife and she's my Spanish teacher for life!
  • yes my music teacher.
  • Many teachers have made a difference in my life and continue to do so well into my adulthood. One of the first was a 7th grade literature teacher who ignited my love of the written word - a passion that has never diminished.
  • Yes, several of them. After more than thirty years, I still keep in touch with three who really made a difference.
  • absolutely ~ every day. without teachers, i wouldnt be the person i am today ~ they have forever changed me for the better. i cannot thank them enough for their patience, dedication, hard work, and compassion. the great ones have touched my heart, inspired me, shaped me, helped me learn and grow in so many different ways. they were catalysts ~ alchemists of dreams if you will. i have extra special places in my heart for all my piano teachers. ive been so blessed! and thanks to all of you as well ~ i consider all of us teachers in our own rights. :D
  • Yes by making me feel low..
  • If they don't, we are not; what we are today. The most respectable, after parents. RK
  • My english teacher set me on a life long love afair with words. I will always be greatful to her fot that.
  • god bless janet ramos, teacher, mentor, pen pal, who took an interest in me and helped me more than she can know.
  • Yeah. Mrs Cottrell taught me pretty early that not all grownups should be listened to
  • Absolutely. I can think of two three teachers I was influenced by heavily. Two of them I loved, and one I hated. I had a fifth grade teacher who allowed us to play on a computer when we finished our work for the period. I remember speeding up my thinking on math, to be able to play the computer :-) In sixth grade, there was a wonderful English teacher who encouraged us all to write from our hearts, and that we were all creative. In my senior year in High School, I had an English teacher I hated at the time. She was stuck-up, and seemed trapped in the 1950's. She taught well and disciplined even better, though. Many of the lessons I learned from her I still use today. ie. Resumes, word lists, and respect for teachers.
  • Yep. Several have. Teachers get no respect and no money to perform arguably one of the most important jobs in society.
  • Yes, my Jr. High history teacher was a man of honor who went above and beyond just being a teacher...he was a lighthouse in the storm of my parents divorce, the toughest time of my life he was there to listen to me when no body else would. I can never find the words to thank him enough for being there for me.
  • I had my best teacher in my last year of my masters. He was colombian, but he totally changed my way of teaching in university, and my idea about education. He started very easy, and everytime you made a little effort or correct answer he made a party. In time you felt sure and reasured. After the term you realized you learned a lot and so easilly. He is my beacon in teaching.

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