• What a drag!!! Two hours...I hope you get the job. When I was in college I went for an interview that lasted an hour, they asked me all kinds of question. Unfortunately I never got the job. GEEEZ, why did they talk to me so long if I wasnt right for the job???
  • AAaaaah I hate those :( I did one two days ago that lasted from 8:30am to 17:00pm. The wait was excruciating :( Only to be told I was not chosen....
  • 3 1/2 hours...only because i hit it off so well with the bosses we just sat and chatted for the 30 mins after the 3 hour interview haha
  • 1 hour and the shortest happened the other day it was like 10 minutes
  • On the applicant end, maybe 15 minutes, but usually around 5-10 seemed normal. Been doing it on the employer side lately and schedule those for about a half an hour.
  • As a school governor (school board member, in US terms), I have supervised interviews for a new head teacher which spread over two days.
  • 4 hours+
  • I went for a machinists job that required four interviews, each involving at least forty five minutes per. Mal-Wart can be just as bad. I went through three before I had enough and didn't schedule the fourth.
  • My longest was a series of interviews. First two over the phone for about an hour each. Then eight hours onsite with 5 different people. It was for a very large software company in the Seattle area that I cannot name (I had to sign a non-disclosure to interview). After I left, I called some friends that had worked with one of the lead interviewers and asked how it was to work with them. He said that it was not a nice place to work. So I declined the offer.
  • about an hour and a half. I didn't even get the job.
  • I had a three hour interview. It was a second interview, and was actually a pre-training session. The girl on the job was leaving and they had me come into a second interview with her. I wrote things, down, took notes, asked all the right questions. I met everyone, and I mean everyone in the department. I even had lunch, (on them) with the girl that was pre-training me. Then they wanted a 15 year credit history. After that was checked, I got a call stating that they decided not to hire anyone for the position. Now that is a BLOW!!! My wonderful credit rating caused me not to get the job. So now I am looking at starting my own business. I can never go through that again!!!! What was the point. They knew I could do the job and do it well.

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