• heh heh. snicker. I've never found flashers to be the "retiring" type.
  • I think I'd just hang loose for another year.
  • LOL. I would only call it quits maybe because of an injury, a true flasher can't go limping around for long ; )
  • I live in the land of Mardi Gras and I've seen a few flashers who have refused to call it quits long past their prime. But hey if someone is hollering for them to "show their tits" I think they should go for it and let the oglers get what they deserve!
  • I think my flasher is a bit on the dim side and is already retired:-)
  • Well, if it sags, you can always get it lifted. Why retire?
  • Stick it Out, LMAO!! I guess it would depend on if he is still in decent shape or not, as if that has mattered to any of the other flashers out there!
  • I'd definitely "stick it out". ;-) I'm not the retiring type...
  • Well I've never been one to to give up something I enjoy that easily. This of course in NO way implies I was ever found guilty of said behavior. (Exhibitionist that I MAY in fact be*) So long as the Good Lord gives me the ability to make the most of what I've got? Hell why not? Isn't being a dirty old man in some weird way somehow more acceptable than just being a pervert?
  • I'm going to stick it out. My flasher has been dimming more and more as time goes by. All you have to do is turn the lights down. Today I look best flashing between 8:30 and 9:00 Just after daylight, but just before dark. With a lot of bowflex and a prosthesis, I could probably be back in the game at 6:00 PM --- Although I'll never again be qualified for 5:00 rush hour. I do, however - dislike excercise, so instead of Bowflex, I'll just move to 10:00 in the next year or two.
  • Retire. Just think of the money I'll be spending to keep my work uniform pressed by that age;)
  • Retire? Do they do that?
  • I'd stick it out............except I would curb the local police precints...they seem to get more upset and they become REALLY hands on.
  • Most definitely one more year. Unless the petition being passed around to get me off the streets is passed.
  • I'd stick it out until everything hung so low that I started stepping on it!!! NO need to retire it until the pain becomes too great or NOBODY would look anymore!!!
    • Linda Joy
      After the first time steppin' on 'em you learn to fold them up accordion style and put 'em in a holster! lol
    • Linda Joy
      And they'll never stop looking. Even when its more of a deer in the headlights or can't look away from the accident rather than the cat with a laser light. lol
  • "Stick it out" for one more year? Hookers don't fart, they prosti toot!

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