• No, you can pay cash, providing you are present at the time of the room rental. a credit card is required to hold a room for you, if you call in advance. Its like a gamble. if you wait to pay cash in person, the rooms may all be taken. this is the advantage of a credit card.
  • You do not need a credit card, but they do not like it when you pay up front with cash. They would rather have a credit card number in case if there are any movies, phone calls, or meals (at the hotel restaurant) charged to the room. They are afraid that you might walk away without paying these other charges. I have not been treated as well at checkin when I have insisted in paying in cash without giving them at least a card number to hold the room against. If I want to keep the room charge off of my credit card and pay cash, then I let them hold the room against my card, but when I check out, I will pay in cash. This makes them happy.
  • When I worked in hotels we used to prefer credit or debit cards, although we would take cash provided it was paid up front- although we liked to have a credit card number as well in case drinks and food were charged to the room and not paid for.We never turned anyone away on the basis of them paying with cash unless there seemed to be something obviously suspect about them (intoxicated, reluctant with address details, familiar from last weeks crimewatch etc). Whilst they might not like it, very few hotels will turn someone away simply for wanting to pay in cash. Some hotels operate a policy whereby the room can be paid for by cash provided that any food or drinks ordered are also paid for upfront.

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