• I'm a man, and I don't like women wearing makeup. I think women typically wear makeup either because they're insecure, or it's what they've always done.
  • A little bit of powder and a little bit of paint makes a girl look pretty even if she mother always said this when putting her make up on,so i guess that why women wear make up:-)
  • I don't even wear makeup, and my boyfriend still loves me.
  • Not here. I prefer it natural or very little makeup.
  • I dont care about make up. Seeing it does nothing for me.
  • I don't think that men really DO like women to wear makeup. I mean, if you're ugly without it, then whatever. Go ahead. But if you're a really beautiful woman, you don't need it's really just a lot of unnecessary shit on your face. *shrug*
  • If you look like a real munter we EXPECT you to have the decency to cover it up. We also expect you to leave before dawn. If you are naturally beautiful, keep that crap off your face, and especially leave the lips alone. Touching made up skin SUCKS
  • I think most men like the more natural look! I'm amazed at how men will kiss someone with lipstick on. I certainly wouldn't want to do that. Or even Chapstick. Ugh.
  • I don't wear make-up and my man could care less if I did. Actually, I look better without it. Some people (like most celebrities) have to wear it or they look horrible).
  • My fiancé is quite the opposite. He doesn't care if I do wear it, or if I don't. However, it's MY insecurities that make me wear it. I can't bear the thought of going out in public with my face all spotty and red!!! (Ugh, my hormones are kicking my faces ass, when will it end!!)
  • Some men are so attracted to beauty and they want their girlfriends to look like the models on tv. Its bullshit to me.
  • For the same reason why the male peacock is so colorful. Color attracts attention. This one wouldn't upload to AB's format, so here's a link
  • It's not a preference. Make-up enhances (mimics) natural triggers of attraction. Red full lips rosy cheeks. In nature these things signify youth and fertility which we all find attractive due to natural selection for breeding. It's not as superficial as choice beauty.
  • My boyfriend doesnt like me to wear make-up, he says I can get anymore beautiful. He prefers natural.
  • not all men do.. my boyfriend tihnk i look better with OR without but he'd prefer me without since it shows my natural beauty more
  • My fiance would probably care less whether or not I wear makeup. But I prefer to wear makeup. I think it is because I love changing the way I look every day (or at least having the choice of doing so). Some days I wear minimal to no makeup, other days I go all out and wear lots of it. Its fun and really no different than deciding what clothing to wear every day.
  • Actually, I think its more the woman think men perfer woman to wear makeup, my guy told me straight up that he doesn't like me wearing make up, that i look much better with out it. I can't even get away with putting a low line of eyeliner on with out him noticing. I don't mind though, more hasle then its worth f you ask me, ill put it on if i feel like the day may feel special enough but thats less than twice a year and thats only eye liner. Anyways. I am not sure that guys actually pefer girls to wear make up.
  • I prefer a natural look. Maybe some light makeup if she likes it but not too much.
  • Doesn't work for me.I always prefer the feel of natural skin no matter how it is.
  • it is visual appealing but u always have to wonder what may lie beneath be very wary+3.
  • I have noticed women wear it mroe for themselves than us. a subtle makeup which enhances natural beauty. also there are 2 techniques (closely related and not mutualy exclusive) that use our genetic programming to increase attraction. coverup and foundation designed to give a more youthful healthy look make you apear a better quality mate for healthy offspring. lipstick and blush are supposed to simulate increased blood flow which indicates a female is interested in mating. beyond those it is all style. why people like lip gloss is beyond me, to me it looks like they have some neurological disorder that makes them drool constantly.
  • my husband like when i wear make up so that people don't make comments between me n my sister in law!!!! But i really dont like make up, i like simplicity
  • Coz they look beautiful in that!

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