• I like to rent a movie and disappear in it for a while. It helps in the short term.
  • Massage, theropy, long baths, long walks. I did take medicine for awhile and I really just didn't like the effects it had on me. So I started trying to cope with it by myself. It really does help to vent, I would recommend someone professional. I tried friends and family and they just don't get me and either want to tell me what to do or that I am being stupid. Massage is a great stress reliever also, talk about relaxing. Good luck and I hope you find some comfort somewhere soon!;)
  • The doc gave me pills for that, but that may only take care of part of the depression thing. The rest is unfortunately left up to the sufferer.
  • Exercise is good for that; however, I'm not much of an exercise person. Window shopping is a good escape as is AB!!
  • I breathe. Seriously. When I'm having an "oh shit how can I possible deal with THIS" moment I step back, close my eyes, and take a deep breath. I tell myself "You CAN do this. You CAN handle this. One step at a time." Centering myself and calming myself down really helps. I'm not a big metaphysical or mystical woo-woo stuff person, but this works for me. Stepping away from the moment and taking the pressure off myself for a moment helps me collect my thoughts and refocus my energy on not completely freaking out, but on doing what needs to be done.
  • Another thing that helps me is changing my thought patterns and what comes out of my mouth. This will not get rid of severe depression but it helps with mild depression. Also I try to find ways to release stress before it is too severe. Although what works for me may not be your thing I like to meditate, write poems, volunteer and help others (takes me out of my problems) and go watch the sunrise when I can't sleep.
  • Meditation and learning how to "center" yourself is invaluable. Exercise is also an excellent way of coping with both stress and depression.
  • Try "Amaretto di Saronno" just a few sips!
  • I dont have that problem. However you should work out. It creates chemicals in the brain that counteract depression.
  • I get a straw and SITFU. Suck it the f*ck up.

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