• When he called asking for money, I told him no. When one called from Jail to tell me he'd been arrested, I laughed. When one screamed and freaked out at me because I took his mom to the airport...long story. You'll know, trust me. It's a nice feeling to realize, I'm better than this. I don't deserve this. I'm done.
  • when he wanted to start dating again. just being around and talking with him, i didn't have any of the feelings that i used to have for him.
  • After I wrote her a letter, which I never sent to her!
  • When I met her with her boyfriend. She was so happy. And I was genuinely happy for her. It was weird and kind of relieving. I was thinking "I am so glad I don't love you anymore!" But I was glad she found somebody she loved.
  • when he got serious w/another girl & i had to accept it.. when i notcied after we broke up i had NO life when we were together and i rebounded a lot.. but, now i got things right. it took 2 years. but, im soooo OVER it
  • When he called me after 3 months of not thinking about him.
  • This particualr relation ship ended real bad so we never communicate. I was over it when I went back to the "scene of the battle" so to speak and did a puja and chanting, and put up some Buddhist prayer flags. I also put a Buddha overlooking her house without her knowing. I nearly bumped in to the back of her when she appeared out of an alley without warning and stepped out into the road in panic and nearly got hit by a car. She never saw me, and I left the town, never to return
  • Five months after they broke up with me. :P
  • When I signed the divorce papers
  • Well im still not over my recent ex as i do love him, but my others i just didnt find that little feeling in my stomach that i had, and when i see/speak 2 them i dont feel anything there.
  • When I learnt that he had been sneaking around spying on me - that after threatening me with what he would do if I ever tried to contact him. It seemed he was allowed to contact me if he liked but not me him. I was not allowed to know where he was, so that gave him the control which he used against me. It was all to do with his 'stuff' from past relationships though, not healed, so all I feel now is metta for him, and any women he has since had relationship with.
  • The day I stopped crying, ordered a pizza, and realized that I COULD have anchovies!
  • When I saw him one heart didn't drop and I didn't feel like crying, instead I thought "Was he that fat before?" VICTORY!
  • When I met my new friend, because we started out as friend's and now we are lovers and I knew I was over my ex.
  • When someone told me there were pics of her kissing some other guy on facebook..and I didn't care anymore.
  • When I found love in someone else
  • When you run into or see them and think, Man I haven't thought about them in ages. What did I ever see in them?
  • Well I'm still trying to get over a man that broke my heart but I know I need to stop hoping & wishing that he wants me still. I know I need to get busy with some activities to help get my mind off him. He don't care what I'm going thru so I shouldn't. but its hard cause he live down the street from me. In a Heart Break situations we must listen with our minds & not our hearts cause the heart will hurt us which the medical term for it is (Stress cardiomyopathy, also known as "broken heart syndrome" )Love your self fully before u love a another!
  • well with my last bf i knew it when i couldnt stand to kiss him... it was like ugh really we have to kiss
  • When I finally realized she was pulling a veil over my eyes and manipulating me from the start.
  • When I saw him with the nugget he knocked up and married, and it didnt phase me one bit. I had no feelings of anything. It was like he was just a stranger on the street. That was the best feeling knowing that as hurt as I was right when we broke up, all those feelings were completely gone. I was free.
  • when the little things i thought were so cute about him started to seem like they were annoying the piss out of me more so by the second.
  • when his birthday came and went and I forgot it.
  • After that first half-gallon of ice cream...
  • when you realize you haven't stopped to think about the break up for a hole hour
  • After probably the 5th time she "broke up" with me and called me a week later for sex. About the same time I realized just how mind numbingly boring she was
  • (One year later,I'm not sure)Until I found out that he is a sniffer around. When I asked him, he told me that, whoever he meet they do the same things to him and he learned from them. I don't know,is that true?

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