• Yes, if it is my friends secret and they have asked me not to share it with my s/o. Some things that my friends share are of no concernt to him. The only secrets I keep from my husband that are My secrets are things like birthday surprises.
  • Yeah, you have to have some one to confide in.
  • no i used to share everything with my s/o. he was my best fiend i think thats why i feel so lost now hes gone.
  • My boyfriend is my best friend. I can tell him anything and everything. If someone else tells me their secrets, though, and does not give me permission to tell anyone, it is my job to keep them confidential. I don't consider it hiding something from my boyfriend. I consider it respecting confidential information enough to know that it was not meant to be shared with anyone. However, if something directly relates to my relationship, I don't even like the idea of him or I talking to anyone about it. I would prefer us discussing it with each other and working it out on our own instead of outsiders putting ideas into our heads and making false accusations and assumptions about our intentions. I've learned my lesson from that and I will hopefully never fall for it again.
  • Nah. I would rather tell him. I do know that sometimes he would not be interested in 'girly' things. Men just don't care about that stuff, so I will share that with a friend.
  • Yes. Its never anything scandalous. Probably just things he wouldnt find interesting anyway, you know? =D
  • Yes I do... all the time! ;D So don't ask, you can't make me =p Do you then? h'mmm...?
  • No.I have secrets I share with my husband,but not with friends.
  • Ha, my s/o can't keep a secret if his life depended on it..I never tell him secrets from others..Then, when he does finds out he gets made at first but, he says;"yeah I can't keep a secret", he gossips with evryone who'll listen. lol
  • Heh...yeah...everytime I wanted to bitch about HIM.
  • Yes. Having no s/o kinda dictates that outcome any time I decide to share w/ a friend ;)
  • Yes - there are things that the S/O shouldn't ever know. But nothing that would break us.
  • Nope. If it's good enough for my friends, it's definitely good enough for my SO. : )
  • I probably have a lot, since my best friend has been here for 20 years, and he knows a lot more about me. Not that they are secrets, but there are things that do not have to be shared, some things are my business. I am sure my boyfriend has things he hasnt shared with me. I dont want to know every detail of every thought he has ever had. He had a prior marriage as did I, I dont want to know, really!!!
  • i learned a long time ago that secrets can create problems in relationships mainly because you walk around feelin' guilty for not tellin' them something you should (especially if it's something big) they usually know "something" is wrong but just not sure what, so imaginations can run wild.....i don't keep anything from my hubby because he's my best friend and the one i always talk to about everything~plus, he has an uncanny way of knowing stuff....our kids found that out the hard
  • I don't have a significant other, but I do have a strong opinion about this. One of the things I think you learn in life is that you shouldn't have secrets with friends that are not disclosed with the one you are with. Secrets are destructive and pave the way to deceit, or at least, encourage rifts. Nobody should form a rift between someone and their significant other. That is the most sacred bond of all, and two people in a relationship should know their friends are trust-worthy and well-meaning.
  • Of course! that is perfectly normal
  • Only until she asks me. Then I would tell her.
  • nope i got no secrets to share

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