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  • no, my wife is opposite my mom in a lot of ways. My mom wasn't very responsible either, my wife is. It's a good thing.
  • Some do, there are always exceptions to the rule. I have had men pick me because I remind them a lot of their mothers
  • Yes...if they liked the way their mother is. Vice versa girls look for men like their dads!
  • No way, may be they are in love with their moms, if some one do.
  • Hell no, I hated my mother. She was abusive and overly dramatic. Last thing I want.
  • In a strange way. I've found that I can get along with and deal with a woman like my mom better than someone who is different.
  • Maybe in some ways, like intelligence, responsibility, that kind of stuff, but I don't want a girlfriend who is too similar to my mother. That would just be too weird for me.
  • Not deliberately. But if they are happy with their mother, then a lot of the ideas they have unconsciously about what a woman should be and do come from her. So the tendency is to do just that, without ever realizing why, or even that they are doing it.

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