• Yes, they do. Every year, on Black Friday, they drop the prices big time! Beyond that, often has rebates on Apple computers; check out their Apple page at (As of today, for example, I noticed they’re offering $75 cash back on the iMac.) Another great option that I’ve personally used, a few times, is Apple’s factory refurbished products. They’re just like new—even have the same warranty—and most of them never had any problems, in the first place; they were just returned because the customer changed his or her mind (got a different model instead, etc.). You can go to and scroll down until you see “Special Deals” on the lower left; or if you’re in the USA, here’s the direct link to the computers section: . They’re also running a special on refurbished iMacs, right now—almost $200 off Amazon’s price, and no rebate involved! One quick caveat: while Apple does ship free on orders over $50, they are required by law to charge sales tax. I’m not sure how Amazon gets around it, but Apple somehow can’t do so. (Maybe because they also have brick-and-mortar stores?) Regardless, that brings the Apple price within $100 of Amazon’s, so it’s not quite as great as originally advertised. Still, a deal’s a deal! HTH!
  • Apple will quite often give special offers on their products. They will drop the price on their computers or offer you a free iPod with the purchase of a computer. These "specials" usually mean that Apple is trying to clear out products in preparation for the release of a new version.

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