• Yes my current math teacher. Big bitch.
  • Elementary school, Mrs. Schaffer, what an azzhole!
  • Yes in 9th grade I had a Social Studies teacher that tried to embarrass me on purpose and belittle me in front of the class on a fairly constant basis.
  • right now my science teach, cortright. HATE HIM
  • In sixth grade, I had a woman who had been teaching math since the Revolutionary War. Apparently still bitter about the British, she made my life miserable. My parents heard me tell tale of her and concluded I was exaggerating. When my grades were in the crapper, my parents went out to talk to her. It took them years and years to say it but they thought she was a royal bee-yotch and gave me more credit for assessing people from that point forward.
  • Middle school. Ms.Suszko. She would of gave me talks like one on one. ANd i hated them so much. So one day i told the hole entire school she was gay. But then she found out from a student but they never told that it was me. But my dad ask her and she didn't say anything.
  • Most of them.
  • Elementary: Ms. Nuton(i was in kindergarden and she didnt like me for no reason, i mean who hates a 5 yr. old for no reason? i rememeber my class went on a class trip to the zoo and she told my mom that it was cancelled and i thought it was cancelled and i ended up finding out that she lied when i got to school. and all the kids went except for me, and she literally made me stay in class till school got out doing work non stop if i finished one thing i had to do another...that Bitch shouldve went to jail or something!), Ms Benton, mr. williams, ms. leigi, mr price, and so many more.
  • In 7th grade I had one teacher, who I will not name, but she was truly unkind and during the time when my mother passed away and I missed two weeks of school all the other teachers were sympathetic and gave me an incomplete until I could make up the work while she just gave me a straight F in her class. I never forgot that and still wonder how she could have been so brutal to a 7th grader who just lost his mother.

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