• They're more interested in funding than results, and the "environmental" groups funding them are more interested in politics than helping the environment.
  • I believe its nothing but a natural cycle, comes and goes.
  • It is my understanding that the warming will cause the ice caps to melt causing the Gulf Stream to cease thereby making the Atlantic colder which will usher in an ice age. Personally, I think they are covering there asses.
  • The mathematician Pascal who was actually the father of probability and mathematical analysis of wagering once proposed one of his most famous postulations known as "Pascal's wager." Because we mortals cannot know conclusively that God exists, he proposed the payoffs for believing in God and not believing. If one does not believe in God and, upon their death, are proved correct, they win nothing and lose nothing. If they are proved wrong, they lose their soul for eternity in hell. Yet, if someone believes in God and are proved wrong, they win nothing and lose nothing, whereas if they are proved right, they win their soul for eternity in heaven. Even if there is a small chance that God exists, Pascal's wager shows that the choice is still clear that one should gamble on God. Pascal's wager can be translated for global warming. Now I am a republican and have been watching this so-called crisis emerge with a critical eye. But I believe that the choice cannot be more clear - we must gamble on protecting our planet. Yes, we would spend a lot of money attempting to combat global warming - our tax dollars, but if we gamble on protecting our planet and are wrong, we are still left with a cleaner, more beautiful planet and more responsible citizens and government. If we are right, we preserve this planet for future generations. Yet, if we were to gamble on global warming being a false diagnosis by our scientists, if we are right the planet is preserved but with its beauty sacrificed for efficiency, and pollution would still be a problem. Citizens would not learn to be more considerate toward our planet and more needless pollution would occur, which would undoubtedly cause plenty of cleanup costs in the future (which would be multiples of the cost of prevention, as costs will increase and prevention is ALWAYS cheaper than response ("an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"). If we gamble on global warming being false and are wrong, the consequences could be catastrophic. We risk our future generations living in conditions that we can not dream of, their lives at the very least restricted because of our greed and shortsightedness. At its worst, we risk our planet becoming unlivable for humanity in only a handful of generations. If the idea that climate change is artificial were a minority opinion among scientists it would still be a profitable gamble mathematically to wager that climate change is artificial and act accordingly. Yet, the poll among scientists is nearly unanimous in its belief that climate change needs to be addressed, and addressed now. To believe otherwise would be to reject hundreds of years of data and decades of analysis by learned people concluding that our world needs corrective action. I cannot in good faith rely on political figures and political commentators who neither have the expertise or authority to speak on the climate crisis. I understand that there are certain high-profile scientists that reject climate change, but they are few and there are 20 high-profile scientists that believe in climate change for every one looking for a book deal. For me, there can be only one decision - artificial climate change exists and we must act.
  • It's not B.S., it's just that the changes will be sweeping and complex. Some places will benefit, some will suffer. But the point is we are messing with a delicate system, and it's predictable that the consequences will be severe for many, and that the average temperature is rising and will continue to do so. None of that adds up to B.S., and the fact that a coordinated disinformation campaign funded in part by energy companies has succeeded well enough to generate questions like this is something that should have us all worried.
  • Oh yes! I actually get a real kick out of it! That said I suppose trying to keep our air cleaner won't kill anyone, so I'm glad for all the awareness promotion.
  • Check the National Geographic Channel and website plus try and locate the CNN documentary regarding the South Pacific Islands. All this is not a lie, I am not saying it is all over the planet but in the South Pacific most small Islands are now 2 meters bellow sea level. I wonder why? Why are there tornadoes and hurricanes in Central Spain? If someone could come up with a good explanation it would be great, that would bring some light to all of us who are apparently misinformed but worried. I wonder why US citizens don't wish to hear about many of their terrible national issues, about the New World Order, Supremacist Groups, huge amounts of cults/sects? Why are there only two Americas? What happened to the third America? and many others but take the time to discredit other none related info. I have never understood this attitude, I could be dead wrong, if you have the answer please be kind enough as to post something related. It would of great help for many of us who do not live in the US but want & wish to understand. Regards.
  • Hmm, you mean the 96% of scientists that agree that humans are causing climate changes? What many people fail to understand is that climate change happens in BOTH ways. "Nova" just did an excellent program on "global dimming," about how all the pollutants have blocked some of the sun's rays getting to Earth. Without this, the greenhouse effect would have been MUCH worse. One of the projected effects of human-induced climate change would be to change ocean currents, including the Gulf Stream. This would stop some of the ocean-based warming that goes on, in the British Isles, and they would be much COLDER due to this warming. I know some of this seems counter-intuitive, but by looking at heat AND cold extremes that are happening, you are actually supporting the point. We are destroying the planet, and quickly reaching the point where we will not be able to do anything about it. It's not "B.S." at all.
  • Yes. When I was growing up, there was much hysteria over the next ice age coming up faster than we expected. I agree that we need to do more to preserve our environment but also that much of the climate change stuff is probably claptrap.
  • A money sucking load is the media's aim(sad but true)... did you sell your beautiful home in California because it was going to fall in the ocean???
  • Yes. The GW propaganda was created to brainwash societies around the globe with fear tactics. Big corporations & governments profit from this propaganda. My 2 cents.
  • It's been exposed as a fraud. I think it is hilarious that all the emails came out exposing global warming as a scam! Hats off to the hackers!

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