• Usually the owner of the new development. Mine chose our main entrance road to be "Ashcake" Friends and family refer to it like, "Make a right into @$$cake..haha.. then go...." Real funny.
  • Usually the developer will choose street names. Evidence of this is the many streets named for sons/daughters/wives etc. If the streets are to be public ways, the names must be approved by the local development authority. (Zoning board, Building Department, etc.) Back in the sixties, my in-laws moved into a neighborhood in Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts that had no street names. The neighborhood was previously a summer residence area that had been converted to year-round living. When the town decided to name the streets, they asked the residents to come up with street names. I guess that my mother-in-law was the only resident to respond, so she ended up naming over two dozen streets in the area. She chose names that reminded her of the Native American Indians that originally lived in the area, hence street names such as: Arrowhead Road, Choctaw Way, Cohasset Street, Chippewa Drive, Wenonah Street and Hiawatha Street.
  • Typically, the builder or developer and in some cases, the homeowner. I got to name my own street for example. A developer owned and was building on the majority of the land surrounding our house and the homes the developer built are on our street, but the county zoning people asked us if we would like to do the honors, so we did :)

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