• I did a search when we moved to my current home. I don't know the radius, but there were about 30 in my general area.
  • I did a search before I moved here, and it was scared me enough.
  • Thanks honey!!
  • THANK YOU SO MUCH. I went on this site and it's so scary. There are a few molesters in town and though I don't have children it's good to know. Plus there is a rapist who has been convicted of many things...MANY things...and it makes me scared to go running at night
  • WOW ~ that's scary!! I hate to think of you living anywhere near those people, but I am glad you are able to access such a list and at least know they are there. Gosh this is very worrying. Please be careful sweety ~ any chance you could move house?? ((((BIGGEST HUGS)))♥
  • OMG 155? <hugs> stay safe, and travel with a fold up knife in your purse.
  • I checked both and .net and got the notice Apache has locked the site. Can someone give me the correct address for Family Watchdog? Thanks.
  • I actually did the search once and was very uncomfortable that anything came up at all. I don't have a family/ kids, so I didn't really pay as much attention to it. I don't go walking around alone or subject myself to compromising situations, so I don't really worry about it...
  • no,never heard of it, maybe i should look that up
  • No. Do they actually distinguish between sexual predators and anyone in the sexual offender database because you can get put on that list for visiting a prostitute or a woman who flashes her breasts anyone who has sex with a minor can be put on it even if they're still a minor themselves.
  • 8-6-2017 When I lived in Phoenix they sent me a post card every time a sex offender was let out of jail. They always said he was moving to one of two addresses: mine, and a parking lot down the street.

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