• After my parents died, I thought the reason my daughter was born was so that they could have known a grandchild. And if I didn't have a child to love and support, I don't know where I would be now. I had a stretch of about 7 years where I had nothing but bad news. If it wasn't for her, I might have moved away from this area.
  • If I say 'No', does that make me a bad mother? I always thought my kids were special, but I never expected anyone else to think so.
  • Absolutely. we are not just tooting our own horn, but we knew when our son was born, he was destined for something great in life. a "golden child". When first born, in the hospital nursery, he raised his head and followed our voices. we knew then, our son was very intelligent. He has lived up to our expectations by going to Belmont College, Vanderbilt University and San Diego State. he now has his degrees. Our son is a leader in The Federal and State Governments and needless to say, we are proud parents. We are lucky and blessed.
  • I know a few kids like that at my Christian School.
  • I think both of my children are intelligent. My son, who is older, is something else. He's only 2 1/2 but he does some incredible things. From the day he was born we have said that he is an old soul. He would look at us like he knew the secrets of the world. He is very bright and does things I have never seen his age group do, and I run a Daycare, I guess it could be called tooting my own horn, but there really is something to it. I believe some day he will something incredible for he has already blessed us so much.

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