• Home Remedies for Blackheads * Use green tea as a face scrub to loose blackheads. * Eat plenty of fresh fruits and and honey; yogurt can also be added to it. Scrub the face for 5-10 minutes and later wash the face and pat it dry. Good home remedy for Blackheads. * Fresh mint juice is a very effective remedy for blackheads. Apply this fresh mint juice on the face every night for the treatment of blackheads. * The paste of jatiphal (nutmeg) made with water is also very useful. * The paste of 5gm each of red sandalwood (Rakta Chandan) and turmeric made with milk is a very efficacious local application. * Apply a paste made of ground radish seeds and water on affected areas. BTW, don't resort to "fast" cures, there's no such thing. Resorting to those might only aggravate the situation.

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