• By growing up, and separating from others. Every time you buy something yourself, you show independence. Moving out of your parents house shows you are independent. Think about your question ; im sure you can figure out some examples
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      You are very hopeful....
  • By lifting up our kilts and swigging irn bru.....
  • You dont "show" independence, you do independence. You graduate, get a job, rent an apt and move out and pay your own bills. That is independence.. You dont sit at home complaining you have no friends and nothing to do. You go to movies by yourself, you join a gym and work out or hire a trainer and really work out, you do volunteer work, you look up groups on meet up and go join a group who shares your interest, you take up a hobby buy a point and shoot camera and take up photohraphy or take an art class etc. Thats being independent.

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