• Mt 3 year old was a screamer and OMG she can scream loud! To get her to stop I tried doing it too.... it did not fell good at all but it did seem to scare her enough that she stopped doing it. :}
  • I assure you, it's not just the little ones. I'm in college, and I live on a hall of 70 girls. They scream a lot. However, it's not something girls really consider difficult (at all). I really don't think anyone needs lessons either - I think boys just forget how. If you watch kids that are young enough, all of them scream. Unfortunately, a lot of girls never grow out of it.
  • I've noticed a lot of little boys screaming as well. I think it's fucking annoying, I don't care how hard it is to do. There's nothing biological that causes women or girls to stand and scream at a looming threat like they do in the movies, so I guess it's just a cultural fart that we need to overcome.
  • My daughter doesn't really scream - it's more of a squeal. She mostly does it when she's feeling silly - running around with her friends, our cat Izzy, chasing her Daddy, when she spots her favourite cereal in the cupboard - I think it's just another way she expresses happiness or excitement. It's never an obnoxious, being-loud-for-the-sake-of-it squeal. It's more like "I'm happy, and I can't keep it all in!".
  • hey it is in their genes... take middle school kids 12 boys on a basket team at an awards banquet can not be as loud as the 12 girls team or 10 cheerleaders...
  • ive never been able to scream? i remember as a five year old, starting school, feeling a bit lost, looking around and listening and watching all the kids (boys too) screaming - totally couldnt understand why? Spose i was born cool? *_*
  • It might be something to do with your voice breaking which makes it difficult to scream when you're older. Or it might be an emotional thing. As you grow up, you learn to control or hide your emotions. But as a youngster, excitement and fear get the better of you. Actors and singers can scream because they've practised playing out different emotions, whereas we might not scream unless something drastic happens to us for real, like if we're in a lot of pain or if we see something really horrific.
  • Yes, I give Screaming 101 classes. I chase them swinging a baseball bat and they scream bloody murder.
  • Anything to make little boys run in fear. They do learn early.

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