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  • Hello. I am wiccan also. Get some rock salt and trail a circle round your bed with NO END. Sit in the middle of your bed with a candle (sandalwood,or mind opening scent, if scented) and imagine the candle engulfing you and the bed in pink light. Bathe in it. Feel love and fulfillment in it. Feel peace in it. Smile, then blow the candle out. Now, I know this sounds stupid....but it worked for me. I was being watched in my room...and I could see the entity watching me. Since I have done this nothing like that has happened round my room again. I hope this helps...
  • Wow...Well no time like the present to offend yet another subsect of AB. You are not a "wiccan", you are not a "witch". "Wiccans" and "witches" do not exist. You are paranoid. Learn to curve this feeling unless in a situation where it is warranted. Do this by ignoring these urges.

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