• Nowadays With Sugar in every food product all Kids are, are Hyper!
  • Since when are children to act as adults? They're young and full of energy. This is true without sugar. Let them be kids without labeling them hyper.
  • Wouldn't you be too if you were that small and the world was yours to explore? They are excited to be alive...I think we all should be.
  • They are like kittens or puppies. I think we are more forgiving of pet animals than of our own kids sometimes. Take them places that wear them out lik the park instead of plopping them in front of the tv and I'll bet they become less hyper, sleep more soundly and keep in better shape.
  • Because you gave them chocolate, you fool!
  • Because Grandma gives them too much sugar. LOL In truth, they are just full of energy. What Auntie Em said I believe. Aren't children wonderful? I sometimes wish I could go back to the days when my teenagers were children again. I certainly enjoy them now but I miss those innocent and carefree days.
  • its not that they are hyper they are very curious about their surroundings and EVERYTHING they touch or get into, EVERY sense of theirs is being fired off. this is how they learn.
  • 1) they are young and the young are full of beans 2) we don't discipline them enough to know when NOT to be full of beans 3)we feed them stuff that makes them even more full of beans... then we ask why they are full of beans...LOL
  • Well, mine have a hyper active mother to thank. But for most I think it's just that the world is no new they can't contain themselves. They have to know and do everything.
  • Because they are over stimulated. Tv, internet, cell phones, crazy toys? No wonder everyone has "ADD".
  • because they have more energy than older people unless their lazy.
  • metabolism. pure and simple

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