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  • Depends on the reason why they won't sleep with me. Because they don't find me attractive? No. Because they want to wait or aren't ready? Sure.
  • Of course. Simply because they won't sleep with you does not mean they're unworthy of your attentions. As a matter of fact, in today's world it takes considerable personal courage to stand against casual sex.
  • No I wouldn't. I mean, that's pretty platonic. I might as well just be friends with them
  • Yes, because if I ever have sex again, I'm not taking my clothes off!!
  • i don't mind at all .... if he really likes me and don't want to touch me before anything seriously happen
  • Uh, ... no. What would be the point in that? I wouldn't date a guy I wouldn't have sex with. I better be comfortable enough to have sex with him, because what if I end up marrying him? He better want to have sex with me eventually as well, otherwise I just don't see the point. That doesn't mean I'm gonna sleep with him right away, but, .. still.
  • Most likely no. Why would I want a relationship with someone if we can't get itimate?
  • Generally not. It does not have to be to bed on the first night. The relationship needs to develop at its own pace. However, if the point of the relationship is romantic, then sex is part of that. I need that sense that she will share herself with me in order to feel that there is a real sense of romantic commitment. Of course, I have now been with the same gf for over ten years - and three children later - so I don't have to worry about dating in that sense. However, I generally found that if a girl would not at some point have sex with me, then I would get the sense that there was no real interest in me and it was time to move on.
  • Why not? Sex (even great sex!) is not everything. Just don't expect them to fulfill all your dreams.

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