• I was failing and I wanted to stay on the basketball team.
  • never have, never will. You only cheat yourself and why do that?
  • I had the stuff ready to cheat, but I didn't. Because you second guess your ability. And sometimes when you strive hard in life to accomplish your goals and impress those that matter to you, you break down.
  • theres many reasons to cheat, and many definitions. When I was younger I used to cheat on all my girlfriends.. that was because I was TOO lazy or scared to break up with them. some people cheat because they are horny and they just dont get enough sex. other people cheat because they make a new "attachment" to someone (they might not even be having sex). Others get married too young and realize they are no longer attracted to the person they married
  • We are human beings guided by our insticts, our brain can't always keep the body on track...
  • I think it's a combination of being selfish, weak (giving in too easily to our animalistic urges), and greedy, or any of the above.
  • I wish i could answer this one i am always the one getting cheated when you find the answer let me know!!!
  • (Poker)They get more chips and they cheat because they didn't get dealt a very good hand. (Relationship) Either because they really like drama in their lives or they really don't know what love and commitment means.
  • To fill thier insecurity
  • At cards? To win!
  • Some people cheat because that is what they observed as a child with their parents or other close relatives. Otherwise, feelings of low self worth by the "cheater" are also sometimes involved. There must be as many reasons to cheat as there are reasons to get a divorce, which usually follows cheating.
  • A study on National Geo says it could be linked to heredity. So if your mother cheats you have a much higher chance of cheating than someone who's mother never cheated.
  • Cheating really isn't cheating. It is a natural part of our lives built into us by our loving Lord God to desire one another. Today we call it cheating. How can we cheat when we are doing what the Lord God put into us. Biblically only a married woman can commit adultery. Under certain conditions both the woman and the man were to be put to death by stoning.

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