• Like look-look? Or just like, notice? It's a little disrespectful if you're with you S/O and you're staring at someone else like, "Daaamn...woot woot!" while drooling at the mouth. Yeah.
  • Staring, yes. To glance and notice, no.
  • I look all the time and my wife thinks it's funny. She figures that looking is all that I am capable of doing so she dismisses it as harmless.
  • I hope not. We usually are checking out the same person, lol. You can read the menu, just cannot order from it.
  • No, I see things all the time. Sometimes I stare at things I could never have, though. Like tubs of Vanilla ice cream :(
  • I can't speak for others, but for me, it all depend how you look and how often. If we are in a place, let's say a nightclub, and you look another man with persistance in an attempt to draw attention from him, then yes, I have serious issues with that and it makes feel very unconfortable. I once was dating someone who couldn't control herself with that kind of behavior and it got so bad that I didn't want to go anywhere with her anymore. Last time we went to a nightclub together I excused myself, went to the restroom and left her there. Tha was the end of our relationship.
  • The person you are with should have your full attention;) To Casually look is Ok but to undress them and do them on the spot(NO WAY) Mall Watching is totally fun cause you can comment on both sex's walking by and you do not feel bad because your s/o is doing the same thing;)
  • Hell yes.
  • I guess that would depend on the relationship. My hubby and I personally have no problem with it. As a matter of fact, we use it as a reason to tease one another. In the end we know who we are going home with.
  • yes, that's rude
  • Not if both the man and the woman are checking that person out together...especially if that person is worth talking about. Now if one or the other is looking at somebody because they are more attracted to that other person than to their s/o. Now that's just plain 'ole messed up!
  • I certainly think it is...when it's staring, glaring "undressing with your eyes" kind of look. To just notice or glance at someone walking big deal. But, if you're lusting/drooling after someone else in front of your s/o, what does that say about how you feel about them? My s/o always has my attention. If she didn't then we wouldn't have a relationship.
  • I think it is if it is done overtly and with 'want' in your eyes or excitment.
  • I think it would depend on how I was looking before it upset Mrs Dirty-Ninja. So far I haven't been whacked round the back of the head yet! She normally just gives me sarcy comments like "stop slobbering" and "your neck nearly snapped with the speed you head turned there" She knows she is the only one for me, so she doesn't mind. So in my case, she doesn't find it direspectful and I don't find it the same with her either.
  • It's disrespectful if your significant other has a problem with it. Disrespect is subjective. I look at other women all the time, and my husband doesn't have a problem with it... and vice versa.
  • No... It's not really disresprectful to them... It's disrespectful to the person you are staring at, though. You must develop that short-term photographic memory for situations like this! A glance or two, and remember it so you can view it in your mind. I've pointed out very pretty women (and strange people, and strange couples) to my wife. She doesn't mind. In fact, there are times she points them out to me. There is a line there that you never cross, though... If I were to look at someone and say something like, "I wouldn't kick her out of bed for eating crackers", that's taking it WAY too far. That WOULD be disrespecting my relationship AND my marriage. Guys are gonna look... Just as girls are gonna look. They see it walking down the street... The see it on TV... They see it in the mall... At the store... EVERYWHERE. It's not meant to be disrespect for whomever we are with. It's just something we do, just as it's something you do... Maybe not as blatantly, but you DO, don't you!??! ;-)
  • I think that depends on the level of security/insecurity in the relationship. My wife likes to flirt, but I know this and it doesn't bother me in the least, and as far as I know it doesn't bother her to see me flirt either...(not that I do... heh.)
  • if ive learned anything in dont even think about looking... she can be on fire and giving away million dollar bills...dont even flinch
  • It would seem that somewhere between mooning over your S/O like a love sick puppy and oggling every piece of hot meat that saunters by there is a happy medium. That said, simple manners would dictate that you pay attention to the person you're with, whether they're an S/O, a relative, a salesman or someone asking you directions.
  • No, if it isn't flirty.
  • to look isn't disrespectful as long at it's just looking, staring would be disrespectful
  • i think so
  • definitely
  • If your are looking at the floor all of the time your are bound to run into a wall. Unless you are not using the word "look" incorrectly -- in which case -- knock it off.

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