• i dont know and this is not to generalize but most of the girls that got promiscuous with me when i was young either didnt have a father figure in their lives or had a step father that were not very close to. of course i didnt know all of them well enough to know about their lives but the ones i did know a little about were as i described above
  • Not only those who grow up without a father, but also those who had "absent" or ineffective fathers. The father-figure is what they are looking for.
  • I think girls that grow up without a good family foundation may be more likely to have low self-esteem, leading them to be promiscuous. However, my father wasn't around for much of my childhood, and I was never promiscuous. My mother and grandparents made sure I knew I was loved and cared for.
  • Not sure about that. The last time I seen my father I was 7 (35 now) and I was not that way. And I have a friend who was raised by her father and she loved the boys. Had her first baby at 14!!!
  • A Father who makes time to spend with his daughter helps build his daughter's self esteem. When a daughter feels love and support from their father they generally have good relationships with the opposite sex. If this nurturing experienced was missed by the girl, she will seek out the love of other males to replace this experience. What she will most likely find though, is that she gives in too easy, eager to feel the warmth of their arms tightly around her. When the boy leaves her alone, off to find his next conquest this sense of abandonment will cause her to feel empty again, thus she repeats the cycle. She only wants love from the boys, and they want sex. If this is you, please hold yourself to a higher level of esteem. Please know that your body is a precious gift. Being intimate should be reserved for someone you truly love, and who truly loves and respects you.
  • no i think girls that are molested by family are more likely to be promiscuous!!!
  • <Answer withdrawn>
  • That sounds like a stereotype. I think we come in all flavors - parents or not.
  • Not all of them no and some who grow up with fathers are very promiscuous. Stereotypes are just that and nothing more. My parents divorced when I was around 9 and I never saw my father until I got married. I was a virgin when I met my husband of 23 years. I certainly was not looking for a father figure.
  • No but I feel that they may be less tollerant of men unless they had a male close to them growing up like a brother or something. I think having a parent or sibling of the opposite sex helps us understand each other better.
  • No, I don't think they are.
  • This is an empirical question, rather than a matter of opinion. The research work which has tested this hypothesis tends to support it. However, it is important not to miss the phrase "are more likely"; this is absolutely not the same as "automatically will be"! There are a number of things which are associated with increased risk of promiscuity, and protection from it too. Physical and psychological presence of the father is only one of them, although an important one.
  • I think children who grow up without love and support are doomed to fail. If the girl grew up with parents, grandparents, aunt, uncle cousins who loved and supported her (whether gay or straight)- she'll turn out to be just fine. Otherwise, the negative cycle will follow. That is not a stereotype. That is just plain natural. No man is an island and we were never meant to thrive without consistent love and support without reaping negative consequences.
  • I've seen girls with moms and dads who give them everything but they feel the need to rebel and sleep around. because they "wanna be bad"
  • Hell yeah! Go to a strip club and ask around if you don't believe me.
  • According to one study, they go through puberty earlier.
  • I grew up without my father, and I am by far the least promiscuous of all my female friends, all of whom grew up with both parents.
  • My dad left me when I was three and Im not like that nor are my sisters, sooo I guess not always.
  • No. My father ran off when I was two. While my sister was never perfect I think it would be very fair to say she grew up to be an outstanding person, hardly promiscuous.
  • I'm a single mom with a daughter who is almost 15. She is still a virgin. She tells me stories about all her friends and how she is the "last virgin..." So I would have to say no, I think there are various factors that play into sexuality and that is just one of the MANY. I think if there is a male in the family who is capable of being a good model that helps.
  • no, not if the mother raises her with dignity and respect i dont think it will have anything to do with having a father

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