• i guess thats a matter of opinion really.. some people would disagree others would have the same opinion as you but lots of people love there music
  • They aren't. They changed the course of history. No other band governed music with such dominance for a decade. Every step they took was one ahead of a very good lot of bands coming in their wake. They evolved constantly, and a lot of the bands that started off with them, good as they were, just could not keep up with them. They had the most amazing songwriting team that kept churning out four or five single hits a year, many independent of what was found on the albums. And they had a third songwriter who was much younger and less prolific, but just as good, as he showed when he went solo. Every band wanted to be them. Every kid wanted to play like them or marry them. Every word they said was hung upon. Every change of clothing meant a shift in fashion. Their language affected us all. We adopted it slavishly. We bought their merchandise (the first mass merchandising of a band in history). Their views on war altered western society. They gave songs to most of the major bands, but never took one from them (though they did copy R&B from the US originally, they altered the beat significantly, creating Merseybeat. They refused to have their first single as a cover, insisting on an original. they were right) For the next 20 years, their songs were covered by other major artists, including Michael Jackson, who, significantly jipped Paul McCartney out of the Northern Songs Catalogue. Even as solo artists, they dominated the 70s. John Lennon's death cause mass outpourings of grief unseen except for presidents and royals. People still talk about :where were you for three people: JFK, Elvis and John Lennon. Even their drummer could top the charts on his own- they had always given him one solo on each album. And he is still touring to full houses, as is Paul McCartney. Did you see the London Olympics? Everyone was singing Hey Jude with Paul. Including generations born well after the Beatles broke up. They were a unique phenomenon, and no band or artist since them, no matter how big they were, has ever been so influential. There are even university courses on them, because of their influence on western society. And not just the west. Go to Russia now, and who can command the greatest crowds at a concert? McCartney. Beatles cover bands abound throughout Russia and Eastern Europe. Need I go on. Just do some research. See how much is written about them and why? Because they were so big.. They were more than a band. They were a phenomenon.
  • They were just an extremely popular band who have remained popular after 50 years or so.
  • They are not.
  • In what way? Generally when people get on to something they like if it is extremely important to them they take it as far as they can go. Which is true of any popular music. So they want to learn all about their lives, culture, influences, and they often meet and get together with other people who feel the same way and they make a thing out of it. Overrated perhaps but that is their interest. The Beatles were fresh, fun, and songful when they made a hit in the mid 1960s and they brought a lot of individual personality into their music making which invited listeners, especially teenagers at the time, in. And , sure enough, their recordings are still selling 50+ years later and many of their songs are still being done by other artists on recordings and TV. A pretty impressive record for any artists, whatever you may think of them. You may prefer the music of The Beach Boys or Frank Sinatra or Lesley Gore or Peter Paul and Mary or Motown from that era but Their impressive record still stands.

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